101 in 1001: Completion Date: June 8th, 2010


See a puppet show
Ride a pony
Hold a hockey stick
Newport Cliff Walk
Fancy Tea


Go to Yankee Stadium - oh darn, we can't do this one
Go to Shea - seriously not going to happen
Visit the Bronx Zoo - wish this could have happened


Sesame Place - missed the window with Caroline
Donate old toys to charity - they are boxed up, we'll add this to the new list
Go skating- missed winter due to bedrest and new baby
Go Sledding - see above
Handprints in cement at our house - this will be MONUMENTAL
Shoe Tying 101 - she doesn't technically own any tie shoes! yet!


Help her make a meal for Daddy (June 2010)
Tell her the story of how she was born (June 2010)
Give Mommy a Makeover (June 2010)
Bury her in the sand (feet only - May 2010)
Teach the words to Edelweiss (May 2010)
American Girl Place in NYC (OR NATICK!)
Fly a kite (May 2010)
Go to a petting zoo (May 2010)
Pottery Paint Place (with Auntie C, May 15, 2010)
Read Dick and Jane (May 2010 - Dick and Jane Fun Wherever We Are)
Staring contest (May 2010 and a complete and utter FAIL)
Jump Rope (May 2010)
Send an email (to Daddy May 2010)
Take her on a surprise trip (Swan Boats May 2010)
Boston Public Garden Swan Boats (With Kiki May 2010)
Watch the Nutcracker (ABT DVD May 2010)
Show her the Big Dipper (with Kiki at the beach "40,000 times")
Show her Orion (with Kiki at the beach "40,000 times")
Watch clouds (out her window in Medfield April 2010)
Find her Easter Basket (April 2010 - next to the piano)
Library Card (April 2010)
Build a sandcastle (April 2010 at Papa's Beach)
Give her a brother or sister (January 18, 2010)
Race (April 2010 at Kiki and Papa's House)
Attend Northeastern Hockey game (BC game instead with Daddy, Mommy, Marc and Kelly)
Snowman (with Mommy Winter 2009 in CT)
Snowball (with daddy Winter 2009 in CT)
Snow Angel (with daddy Winter 2009 in CT)
Teach somersault (Nana in CT on her birthday)
Let her read a bedtime story to us (Winter 2010)
Write a letter to Santa (XMAS 2009)
Hang her own stocking (XMAS 2009)
Go trick or treating (Fall 2009 at Sean and Courtney's House)
Compare our hands and feet (Fall 2009, laying together under a blanket on the couch)
Whisper secrets (September 2009 Under the covers hiding from Daddy)
Make a card for someone special (For Michelle Fall 2009)
Go apple picking (Pumpkin Picking - close enough - October 2009)
Take a hay ride (October 2009 with Ethan and Samantha)
Go to a movie theatre (October 2009 - Toy Story in 3D)
See a rainbow (June 2009 at the beach of course)
Search for sea glass (Summer 2009)
Roll down a hill (Easter 2009)
Shovel Snow (January 2009)
Play dress up (February 2009 - Thanks to the C3 Family's birthday gift!)
Catch snowflakes on our tongues (December 20, 2008 with Auntie C)
Decorate cupcakes (COOKIES - December 2008)
Put the tree topper on (December 2008)
Help decorate the Christmas Tree (December 2008)
Start a growth chart on the back of the kitchen door (November 2008)
Have hot cocoa (November 2008)
Teach her how to say her last name (October 2008)
Decorate a jack-o-latern (October 2008)
Martha's Vineyard (September 12, 2008)
Say I love you - (Sepember, 2008 "Ya Ya")
Mystic (August, 2008)
Catch a firefly (August 12, 2008)
Show her how to take a photo - August 2008
Spend the night with Nana and Granda (Completed July 2008)
Swim in the ocean (Completed July 2008)
Make cookies (Completed July 2008)
Read a book about important works of art (June 2008 Baby Einstein Windows Book)
Show her how to talk on the phone (May 2008)
Plant a tree or bush (June 2008 - container garden)
Dance (May 2008)
Eat Ice Cream (Completed May 2008)
Eat Lobster - (Completed Memorial Day 2008)
Toss her into the air (Completed May 2008)
Blow bubbles (Completed April 2008)
Hold hands (Completed April 2008)
Take a flight (Completed February 2007)
Philadelphia (Completed March 2008)
Push her on the swings (completed February 3, 2008)
Eat Cake (Completed Feb 2, 2008)
Show her my pointe shoes (January 27th, 2008)
Rockefeller "Holiday" Tree (Completed Dec 28, 2007)
Take a train (December 28th, 2007)
Get a piece of mail delivered to her (Birthday Presents! January 2008)
Give a present (Christmas 2007)
Pierce ears (Completed December 20, 2007)
Play catch (Completed December 2007)
Snuggle by a fire (Completed November 24, 2007)
Read The Night Before Christmas (November 24, with Kiki and Steve November 25th)
Spend the night with Kiki and Poppa (November 10, 2007)
Get dressed up for Halloween (2007- Fairy)
Sign up for Swim Class (Class Start Date November 3, 2007)
Open a present (completed 9/15/07 with Auntie C)


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