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There is something daunting in starting an “About Me” page isn’t there? So I’ll answer via Who? What? Where? When? And Why?


Kerri, 30 31 32 33 (strike>34 35, McMomma to Caroline (2.2007). and Connor (1.2010). I work full time as a hospice social worker and spend evenings and weekends packing in as many Insanity Workouts, board games, puzzles, hockey games, Disney streaming movies on Netflix and brownie batches as possible with my kids. Married to Steve; rabid Boston College and Boston sports fan. Together we enjoy watching the Sox, renting Netflix movies for months at a time, and ice-cold beer on Friday Thursday nights.


McCashew is a place we created to share our pregnancy with our family and friends. We nicknamed Caroline Cashew early and not because she resembled one on the ultrasound. No, no. That would make too much sense. Auntie k was so overwhelmed when we shared the news that she quoted Dane Cook’s “I’m a cashew, let’s do this!” The rest is history. Cashew became Cash and Cash became Caroline, but the moniker remains. We are the McCashews.


Our little piece of the McFam resides in the greater Boston area, far enough outside the city that I have from time to time found chipmunks inside our home. The spiders are also larger, but I hear the rodents are much much smaller, though I can't say that from personal experience. Both Steve and I share MA roots, on different sides of the state. We both attended college in Boston (BC for him, Northeastern for me) and met halfway through my senior year. The story goes that he saw in me an opportunity to experience Senior Week all over again and that opportunity was too good to pass up. We lived in Brighton not long after we met and eventually moved to the Boston burbs. We got hitched in 2004 and our honeymoon brought us home just in time to see the final game of the ALCS. Steve was relocated to CT in 2006, at pretty much the exact moment we learned a baby was on the way. We started a life down in CT with our new daughter, bought a house, and spent a great deal of time commuting up to Boston for football games, beach adventures and seeing family. CT never felt like home and when Connor was 5 days old we received word we were being relocated happily back to Boston. Steve's family took us in, allowing us to avoid a terrible commuting situation for Steve. 8 months later we bought a house in the town Steve grew up in and we are quite settled into our little life here, a family of four.


McCashew was established in 2006 as a way to keep in touch with family and friends back home and document our little journey toward parenthood. I never expected that it would still be around today, or that it would have become such a large part of my life.


I’ve always enjoyed writing. Though I don't consider myself to be very talented, this space has really given me a chance to crack my writer knuckles a bit more. At one point in my life I wanted to be a high school English teacher. If you read here long enough you will see that my grammar would have been a major hurdle. I tend to think I am much funnier than I am in reality, but this place allows me the space to share the goings on, the ups and downs, and to document our little life. Someday I hope to share this with my kids. I hope they like what they see, and I hold out hope that it might in some way get us through the teenage years ahead.


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