Bump Watch

Pulled from the headlines of US Weekly, we have our own Bump Watch, which lately is more like a "bloat watch."

There is still not a noticeable change in waistline, but some previously snug pants have reached a level of uncomfortable that makes mom-to-be cringe when she thinks about sitting behind her desk all day wearing them.

Today is my first day wearing my Bella Band.
Special thanks to Kerry and Erin for telling me about it!!!

I went to put on my most favorite old standby black pants this morning, which I am only slightly ashamed to admit were purchased at the end of my senior year of college, freshly cleaned and pressed. They went on easy, but when buttoned and zipped were quite uncomfortable. Thank the LORD for the Bella Band! I just put it on over the top of my pants and here I am sitting at my desk, pants unbuttoned, with no one the wiser. Since no one here in the office is aware that we have a cashew in our life, this is an even more wonderful thing. The longevity of my secret staying secret is somewhat questionable.

So here are a couple "bloat watch" shots. If nothing else they will serve as a reminder of what my waist previously looked like.

Let's not discuss my puny, bony, pointy elbow =) Why am I more bloated from this angle??


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