The New 101 in 1001

Expires: March 5, 2013 - extended because I have two children and WORK full-time.

Visit Camden Yards
Start Composting
Adopt a puppy
Children’s Theatre Performance
See a movie at a drive-in
Plant a tree
Take the Fenway Park Tour
Spend the week on the Vineyard at Juju’s Pond
Have a Beach Bonfire and Movie Night
Shirley Temples and Rob Roys
Teach the kids how to skate
Watch the Neverending Story
Eat rainbow snowcones
Go on a hike
Storyland in NH
Teach the kids how to swim
Teach Caroline how to ride a bike
Watch the Sound of Music
Let Caroline pull Connor in the Radio Flyer
Have a snowball fight
Make an apple pie from scratch
Make dessert crepes
Visit Sesame Place
Handprints in cement at our house
Make Huevos Rancheros
Eat Dim Sum
Make at least 5 things from the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook
Bring the kids to the Chocolate Bar at the Langham Hotel while they are still free
Eat an oyster
Introduce the kids to sushi
Make homemade donuts
Slip and Slide
Play Tag in the rain
Help serve or deliver food on Thanksgiving
Yarn Pom Pom
Pick Strawberries (maybe ones we GROW!)
Go Camping
Bring Caroline to see an amazing show/musical
Spa Day for the girls
Send Steve off to Cooperstown with his Dad
Top of the Empire State Building
Visit Blacksburg with the best tour guide ever
From scratch Lemon Meringue Pie
Connor and Steve go to a Boston Team Playoff Game
Meet Caroline’s first Best Friend
Get a Foosball Table
Play Battleship with the kids
Get Connor a library card
Castle Island
Robbins Farm/Skyline Park in Arlington
Jimmy Fund Scooperbowl
Drive them over the Zakim at night
Fresh baked Cookies at the Top of the Hub
Marshfield Fair
Run a Marathon (Steve says there is not a chance in hell I can do this)
Frog Pond or Christian Science Center Spray Fountain
IMAX Movie
Take a T ride
Mary Baker Eddy Mapparium
No more diapers!
West Coast Sox Game
Spring Training


Connor naps on the beach (Summer 2010)
Read the kids The Little House (July 2010)
New England Aquarium Penguins (July 2010)
Bring the kids to Fenway (August 2010)
Apple picking (Fall 2010 with Marc and Kelly)
Get the kids an amazing playscape (Fall 2010 - thanks Kiki and Papa)
Move out of Kiki and Papa’s house (October 2010)
Buy a new house (October 2010)
Get Connor his matching family stocking (Winter 2010)
Bring Caroline to the Nutcracker LIVE (Christmas 2010)
Celebrate Connor’s Baptism (March 2011)
Make Beef Bourguignon (April 2011)
Start a blog for Caroline using the photos from her camera (Spring 2011)
Plant an herb garden (Spring 2011 - Basil and Parsley)
Plant Sunflowers (Spring 2011)
Teach Connor how to throw a ball (Spring 2011)
Roast marshmallows over an open fire (With Uncle Marc in Falmouth, July 2011)
Swim in the ocean with the kids (1/2 completed with Caroline July 2011)
Haircut for Connor (Summer 2011)
Read a chapter book or series bit by bit to them (Summer 2011 with Caroline)
Introduce Connor to lobster (August 2011)
Convince Caroline to hug Baldwin (Fall 2011 - high five counts)
Play at Mickey’s House (September 2011)
Listen to my daughter read me a bedtime story (January 2012)
Teach Caroline how to spell her last name (January 2012)
Teach the kids how to skate (1 down, 1 to go - Caroline winter 2011-12)
Help them raise money for something they care about (Dog Shelter Birthday, 2012)
Mini Golf (Myrtle Beach, 2012)
Explore the Boston Children’s Museum (Spring/Summer 2012)
Swim in the ocean with the kids (Summer 2012)
Make lemonade from real lemons (Summer 2012)
Paper airplanes (Fall 2012)
Bury the kids in the sand (Summer 2012)
Teach Caroline to tie her own shoes (Fall 2012)
Dual Santa Lap Sit (December 2012)
Start a tradition and spend the New Year in Boston (New tradition at home with friends! 2012)
Donate old toys to charity (December 2012)
Go Sledding (December 30, 2012)
Christmas Tree Lighting (December 9, 2012)


  1. If and when you do #1 on the list you should visit us! We live about 20 minutes from Camden Yards.

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    You can run a marathon! My goal is to run the Boston Marathon in 2012 (next year is just too soon)- we should do it together!


  3. Natalie8:06 PM

    such a great list!!! you guys will have so much fun crossing things off of here!!