Touch this... just touch it!!!

So last night I pulled my lazy butt off the couch to make myself a cup of sleepytime tea (Glorious!) and felt this pressure in my abdomen. Not a pain persay, I certainly didn't yelp or shout, but a seriously strong pressure. I made my way to the kitchen and once there began to press (gently, of course) to see if it was tender to touch or was painful in anyway. Of course by now my blood pressure was rising and I was imagining only worst case scenarios all of which completely terrified me.

So I felt around a bit at this spot, located between my left hip and my lower abdomen about 2 inches or so below my belly button, and noticed that it felt hard, like a lump, but was very smooth. I made Steve touch it. He felt nothing. Perplexed I sat down with the encyclopedia of babydom - what to expect when you are expecting - and discovered that very slender gals might be able to feel the "baby cave" during their 4th month. I am still very full of myself as I now want to be referred to as a "slender gal," but am even more excited that I was able to not only feel and touch the spot where Cash is growing, but also pinpoint his/her location in my body.

There is an "alien" in my body. I instantly wanted to yell down to Cash, "umm hi, I know it is cramped in there, but this is still my body and that is still my abdomen, can you lay off so I can go to bed." But all of that went away when I made Steve try again and he felt itdeclaring this smooth hard lump "wierd" but in a "good way." =)

I verified with Nurse Kiki that all is well and normal and she concurred that it was likely the "baby cave" we were feeling. PHEW!

How INSANE is this --- we can almost feel Cash?! I suspect that in the next few weeks I might even begin to feel movement, being a "slender gal" and all, and I am so excited, and ok I admit it, a bit freaked out by the whole thing... Keep growing Cash!!!! I can take the pressure!

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  1. Oy, I didn't realize it was so difficult being a slender girl! You are too funny!