18 week ultrasound this morning, it's a...


Don't hate me. That subject was really mean.

As many of you know, Steve and I have been going around and around AND AROUND on finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. Cashew will have to remain just that until his/her big arrival. I could have found out, but it was really important to Steve that we wait since according to him there are so few things in life that we actually get to be surprised about. We had to look away when she was measuring little Cash's soon to be chubby thigh and I so wanted to steal a peak, but I didn't.

The ultrasound itself was AMAZING! The 4D view made me tear up and we have fabulous shots of Cash's darling little face with his/her hand up by his/her cheek. The baby was a wild woman/man the whole time, kicking and swatting and moving about, but yet I felt NOTHING. She had trouble even getting the measurements she needed because of all the dancing about. SO ADORABLE. It was reassuring to see the hands (5fingers), the feet (5 toes), the heart beating away, the kidneys, the spine and all the ribs. Technology is truly amazing and we feel so incredibly blessed to have this little miracle "cooking." We are hoping to enlist Kiki's assistance to scan some of the better shots in this weekend while we are at the beach to post for all to see.

On top of all the fun of seeing baby Cash, we were up on the L&D floor, so we saw the new babies in the nursery that were just hours old, so cute! We also saw a new Dad happily announcing his news on his cellphone to family and friends. Steve beamed seeing the new Dad and said "that's gonna be me." It absolutely melted my heart!

One wierd incident - they graciously validated our parking up on the L&D floor and when we went to have it scanned by the parking attendent in the lobby he asked us what we were having. (the code on the ticket must have identified us as coming from an ultrasound) We said we didn't know and he sat back and looked at us very seriously. He announced, "I see a boy. A little Red Sox fan." HELLO, we live in Southern Connecticut aka Yankee country, we were both dressed for work with no Sox apparel in sight!?!?! Regardless of whether he is right or not, how FREAKY is that!!!!

I can totally understand why psycho Tom wanted to have an ultrasound machine at home for Katie. I would spend all day watching the little bugger if I could =)

Congratulations McShinos - you are now the McCarthys!

Steve, Cash, and I all had a marvelous time at the McShino nuptials this past weekend. The bride was gorgeous, the groom dapper, and they are now enjoying their honeymoon in Tahiti! We realized last nightaqs we were lazing about watching the Emmys that even though their flight had left at 8 am they still had several more hours to FLY before arriving in paradise. Hope they slept the WHOLE WAY =)

Here are some photos of the great event, it was clearly a blast.

Cash updates later this week after our ultrasound on Wednesday!!!

Hoorah! A kiss with cheers!

The Steves

Flynnewskis no more, the Flynns back from their honeymoon in Hawaii

The Fam

the "SweetHAWT" table

Mc Mr. and Mrs. (plural!)

Giving the "ring finger"

Houston, We have MOVEMENT!

Since I have always been a back and tummy sleeper, I have been sleeping with a pillow between my knees in an attempt to keep myself on my side. Thus when I feel I need to switch sides I have to half wake up to reposition both myself and my knee pillow. At around 3AM this morning, I moved from left side to right side, moved the pillow from the left to the right and stuffed it back between my newly repositioned knees. As I was just drifting off again I felt a little tap. My eyes opened wide and I even woke poor sick Steve up to tell him. It was clearly not to be confused with gas, this was Cash! reacting to my movement? being woken from his/her slumber as well? Saying hello?

Hello Cash.

Gas or Cash?

It is not often that you hear that question I am sure, but it is one that I ask myself just about everyday now. Let's face it, until you become pregnant you are often not aware of all the fun and interesting little quirks to being pregnant. Allow me to lift the veil of mystery for a moment and inform you all that expecting ladies tend to a tad gassy. There I said it! Now to make it even more complicated, baby's movement can feel like a little gas bubble. So what is it?? Gas or Cash?
Doc said I should be feeling movement soon, though it likely won't be everyday. So I sit quietly at work, in the car, on the couch, in bed and concentrate on feeling this miraculous movement, only to be baffled if what I am feeling is actually cash. I am sure it will become evident soon enough as s/he gets stronger and moves around more.

This week - Happenings
Steve has been battling a cold (and I have been battling to NOT get his cold) and went to the doctor yesterday because he cannot hear out of one of his ears. He has a middle ear infection and needs to take antibiotics to take care of it. Poor Steve!!! So not the most fun week ever for him, but he wants to be feeling better by Friday for SEAN AND COURTNEY'S WEDDING!!! Yes, the McShinos are getting hitched this Saturday and we couldn't be more excited for them. We leave early Friday afternoon to drive up to our old 'hood for the rehearsal. Here's hoping for a traffic free afternoon for all our major highways (95N, 91N, 84E, and 90E).

This week - In the Life of Cash

Cash's limbs are reaching their "relative proportions" and will grow evenly with the rest of the body after this week. The five senses are developing too. By week 18 his/her skin will have two distinct layers; dermis and epidermis (the one we see). Cash is also covered in a lovely greasy, waxy, cheese-like substance called the vernix. This will protect that cute little bod from abrasions, bruising, and shield it from the amniotic fluid. Most exciting to me is that Cash now has reactive hearing. Though his/her ears are neither structurally nor functionally complete h/she can react to sounds and noises and maybe even voices. Very exciting!!!

This week - In the Life of Kerri
I am experiencing "round ligament pain." Often at night I have a bellyache or feel sudden or sharp pains in my lower abdomen. Concerning, until I read the book. This is related to the stretching of the muscles or ligaments around the ever growing "baby cave" and is completely normal. I also am sad to report that I must now try to sleep exclusively on my side. This is sad news to a stomach/back sleeper.

Funky dreams
I have been having some really bizarro dreams. Last night's may have been the result of the lethal combo of pregnancy plus an oncoming cold. So I dreamt that MY MOTHER had a baby.

I called her on the phone, she said "oh we had the baby! It's a girl!"
Without skipping a beat I said "who does she look like?"
Her reply "just like you!"

I then got off the phone and explained to Steve that my parents had a baby, a little girl, and she looked just like me.

He said nothing, just stared at me.
my matter of fact reply, "It was a change in life baby."

I don't even want to begin analyzing this one, but the possibilities are nearly limitless. Truly BIZARRO.

And in a semi-related subconscious kind of way

Steve announced not long ago that if Cash is a boy he hopes that someday a mural of Fenway Park can adorn his bedroom walls. I suspect that this is not just to endure the child to the Sox, but also to squelch any Yankee sympathy and GASP fanaticism from developing. I shared this story with a friend. Her reply... (without her permission, hope she doesn't mind!)

What if you do have a boy, and you do live in CT and you do have a RedSox mural on his wall. When he's young he will identify and maybe even grow to love the redsox (let's leave the fact that they are heartbreaking enough as is out of this for the moment) and see them as a wonderful buffer to son-dad bonding time. He gets older and starts school in CT with a bunch of CT/NY friends. He plays at their house in their rooms with their Yankee's murals on their walls and the seeds of doubt begin. "who are the yankee's?" "why don't I have that mural?" "are they judging me?" "am I wrong" and the doubt beings. All his life he is forced to hide the true feelings within him, fearing the judgment and wrath of others. A part of his soul will close distancing him from those around him he doesn't trust enough with his deepest secret. Girls will throw themselves at him for his dashing good looks and intelligence and he will be afraid to open up, afraid of what they will do when they find out.

do you really want to do to your son?

Umm... January????

Doc Visit Monday 8/14/2006 (bp, heartbeat, yada yada yada)

We had our monthly check-up with our Doctor(s) this Monday. I say Doctor(s) because though I have one assigned doc at this practice, they rotate you around all the docs so that you get to know everyone and they get to meet every patient. Steve said it best, this set-up is strange for consistency between visits, but we both feel that it will ultimately pay off for delivery because we will know our on-call doc.

SIDEBAR - Steve was under the impression that an ER doc would deliver Cash at the hospital. HOPEFULLY that will not be the case! One of the docs that has been following us will be on-call and present for delivery. He felt much better...

Mom-to-be's blood pressure was normal (yay!) and we got to hear that precious little heart beat whooshing away on the doppler again. There is something SO reassuring in hearing that little whoosh. Didn't get a heart rate though, whoops!

Here's the big news from our appointment!

Cashew who was once due to arrive February 3rd, 2007 is now scheduled for arrival on January 27th, 2007! They have moved up our date by a week! Cash's arrival will could now coincide with the AFC Championship (wonder how I knew that?) and not Super Bowl weekend.

The difference of that one week makes it feel like this is all going to happen a lot sooner now! We are going to get working on cleaning out some stuff from Cash's room soon and Steve has started gathering information about child care.

As the Doc said, Cash could still make her/his appearance on or about the same time anyway as apparently the estimated due date is "not exactly a science, but more of a GUESS." HOW will my Planner husband PLAN appropriately!?!?!?! =)

Cash's week

I am now 16 weeks and 3 days (just over 4 months).

Our little cashew is measuring at almost 6 inches and weighes about 4 oz. Cash's finger and toenails are growing. A layer of fat is beginning to form under her/his skin. The baby and the placenta are about the same size, almost as large as my hand opened wide. Cash is sucking, swallowing, and blinking! Baby's legs are now longer than his/her arms and they are moving about, though I most likely can't feel it quite yet (but boy am I trying to!).

Mom's week

I have gained 6 pounds since my Pre-Cash days. (5-10 pounds are normal at this point) I rely on my Bella Band more and more these days. After a big meal my bump swells to insane proportions, but is typically just a little bump (we have moved on from bloat!). I am getting my energy back and can make it past 10pm and almost to Sex and the City without much effort. Steve and I are getting to the gym regularly and we are looking into prenatal yoga classes in the area to assist with what our doctor described as "potential back pain as pregnancy progresses." We are headed north this weekend for Sox/Yanks/Beach weekend. It will be nice to see our parents and sit on the beach. Next weekend is the big McShino nuptials and we are psyched to celebrate with the new Mr and Mrs!

Here are some photos from last weekend in Saint Louis for Derek and Claire''s wedding.

Someone knew, but did not know, but KNEW!

Congratulations are in order for the new Mr. and Mrs. Flynn. We had a great weekend up in Simsbury, CT for the Flynnewski affair. The bride was stunning, the groom dapper, and the reception was an absolute blast. CONGRATS!!!! We unfortunately forgot our camera at home so I have no photos to post. (he hah, that's for you bean)

I did end up squeezing myself and Cash into the dress that I really wanted to wear, which required Steve's assistance on the zipper, but not the use of pliers. It was just a little snug, but not uncomfortable once I actually had it on.

She knew, but she did not know, BUT SHE KNEW!
We had not yet seen some friends to share our good news with them, so the wedding also provided an opportunity for an in-person guess what! Turns out that friends of the bride and groom, whom we had not yet told, were onto us during the mass! "Jen-soon-to-be-Ben's" later shared that she had looked over during the mass and thought to herself, "I think Kerri is pregnant." They had not yet heard the news, so they monitored drinking behavior at the cocktail hour (water only) and later said she could just tell!

Growth requires some new digs
We stopped at Old Navy on the way home for a couple summer maternity tops to give me and Cash some more room to grow. We also enjoyed looking at little pairs of flip flops, tiny bathing suits, and adorable hats. Next summer the little cashew might have a tiny little suit and will definitely be wearing an adorable little beach hat. It was surreal to even be in the baby section, let alone picking up things and oh'ing and ah'ing.

I have thus far gained between 3 and 4 pounds, depending on the day.

What is Cash up to this week?
Cash has a busy week. Today we are 14 weeks and 2 days. According to my books this week Cash is now about three and a half inches long and weighs about two ounces. His or her neck is complete, and Cash even has fingerprints. He or she is beginning to move around in the amniotic fluid. Fetal movement can occur as early as this week though it is more likely to occur between the 18th to 22nd week. Cash is also practicing "breathing" the amniotic fluid in and out of his/her lungs and now has all 20 teeth formed.

We have our next appointment with the doctor on Monday the 14th. I will be 15 weeks and 2 days at that point. We will likely have another ultrasound during Week 18 according to my preliminary notes from our first appointment.

Bad Parenting

This just made me laugh. Though Steve and I worry that we will be bad parents, nothing we could ever do/not do can compete with losing your children down a drain. Poor duckies.

Letting the cat all the way out of the bag

So yesterday I sat down with my supervisor for our weekly meeting to go over my current cases and talk "strategery." After careful consideration, a lengthy discussion with Steve, and an ever growing pit in my stomach, I shared our big news with the rest of my world...the office

My colleagues were not only supportive, but also enthusiatic and even delighted to learn about Cash. They even threw together an impromptu fiesta complete with cake during our staff meeting. PHEW!

In other news, Tasha and Tony were up for the weekend from Philly. (yay!) We had a great time escaping the heat by holing up in the condo with the A/C blasting. I did force everyone to march down to the center for lunch on both days, SORRY GUYS! It was SO good to see them and we are planning at least one more Pre-Cash visit for the fall/winter. Being in CT is being 2.5 hours closer and we need to really capitalize on that gift!

This weekend is Brian and Erin's wedding! We cannot believe it is already August! Next weekend we'll be out in Saint Louis for Derek and Claire and then just two short weeks later Sean and Courtney tie the knot! I tried on my dress (purchased in May, aka pre-cash awareness) and discovered that it is quite snug, but not uncomfrotably so. I am on the hunt for a simple empire waisted number that my bloat can grow into as the summer creeps on. I have a very strong dislike for dress shopping to begin with, perhaps Cash will make it more fun?

Erin and Brian - enjoy the rest of this week! Saturday is literally just around the corner!!!