18 week ultrasound this morning, it's a...


Don't hate me. That subject was really mean.

As many of you know, Steve and I have been going around and around AND AROUND on finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. Cashew will have to remain just that until his/her big arrival. I could have found out, but it was really important to Steve that we wait since according to him there are so few things in life that we actually get to be surprised about. We had to look away when she was measuring little Cash's soon to be chubby thigh and I so wanted to steal a peak, but I didn't.

The ultrasound itself was AMAZING! The 4D view made me tear up and we have fabulous shots of Cash's darling little face with his/her hand up by his/her cheek. The baby was a wild woman/man the whole time, kicking and swatting and moving about, but yet I felt NOTHING. She had trouble even getting the measurements she needed because of all the dancing about. SO ADORABLE. It was reassuring to see the hands (5fingers), the feet (5 toes), the heart beating away, the kidneys, the spine and all the ribs. Technology is truly amazing and we feel so incredibly blessed to have this little miracle "cooking." We are hoping to enlist Kiki's assistance to scan some of the better shots in this weekend while we are at the beach to post for all to see.

On top of all the fun of seeing baby Cash, we were up on the L&D floor, so we saw the new babies in the nursery that were just hours old, so cute! We also saw a new Dad happily announcing his news on his cellphone to family and friends. Steve beamed seeing the new Dad and said "that's gonna be me." It absolutely melted my heart!

One wierd incident - they graciously validated our parking up on the L&D floor and when we went to have it scanned by the parking attendent in the lobby he asked us what we were having. (the code on the ticket must have identified us as coming from an ultrasound) We said we didn't know and he sat back and looked at us very seriously. He announced, "I see a boy. A little Red Sox fan." HELLO, we live in Southern Connecticut aka Yankee country, we were both dressed for work with no Sox apparel in sight!?!?! Regardless of whether he is right or not, how FREAKY is that!!!!

I can totally understand why psycho Tom wanted to have an ultrasound machine at home for Katie. I would spend all day watching the little bugger if I could =)


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