Congratulations McShinos - you are now the McCarthys!

Steve, Cash, and I all had a marvelous time at the McShino nuptials this past weekend. The bride was gorgeous, the groom dapper, and they are now enjoying their honeymoon in Tahiti! We realized last nightaqs we were lazing about watching the Emmys that even though their flight had left at 8 am they still had several more hours to FLY before arriving in paradise. Hope they slept the WHOLE WAY =)

Here are some photos of the great event, it was clearly a blast.

Cash updates later this week after our ultrasound on Wednesday!!!

Hoorah! A kiss with cheers!

The Steves

Flynnewskis no more, the Flynns back from their honeymoon in Hawaii

The Fam

the "SweetHAWT" table

Mc Mr. and Mrs. (plural!)

Giving the "ring finger"

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  1. Awe! You are too cute! I love those photos :) And I am just checking in on the blog now, so much to catch up on :) (9/25)