Gas or Cash?

It is not often that you hear that question I am sure, but it is one that I ask myself just about everyday now. Let's face it, until you become pregnant you are often not aware of all the fun and interesting little quirks to being pregnant. Allow me to lift the veil of mystery for a moment and inform you all that expecting ladies tend to a tad gassy. There I said it! Now to make it even more complicated, baby's movement can feel like a little gas bubble. So what is it?? Gas or Cash?
Doc said I should be feeling movement soon, though it likely won't be everyday. So I sit quietly at work, in the car, on the couch, in bed and concentrate on feeling this miraculous movement, only to be baffled if what I am feeling is actually cash. I am sure it will become evident soon enough as s/he gets stronger and moves around more.

This week - Happenings
Steve has been battling a cold (and I have been battling to NOT get his cold) and went to the doctor yesterday because he cannot hear out of one of his ears. He has a middle ear infection and needs to take antibiotics to take care of it. Poor Steve!!! So not the most fun week ever for him, but he wants to be feeling better by Friday for SEAN AND COURTNEY'S WEDDING!!! Yes, the McShinos are getting hitched this Saturday and we couldn't be more excited for them. We leave early Friday afternoon to drive up to our old 'hood for the rehearsal. Here's hoping for a traffic free afternoon for all our major highways (95N, 91N, 84E, and 90E).

This week - In the Life of Cash

Cash's limbs are reaching their "relative proportions" and will grow evenly with the rest of the body after this week. The five senses are developing too. By week 18 his/her skin will have two distinct layers; dermis and epidermis (the one we see). Cash is also covered in a lovely greasy, waxy, cheese-like substance called the vernix. This will protect that cute little bod from abrasions, bruising, and shield it from the amniotic fluid. Most exciting to me is that Cash now has reactive hearing. Though his/her ears are neither structurally nor functionally complete h/she can react to sounds and noises and maybe even voices. Very exciting!!!

This week - In the Life of Kerri
I am experiencing "round ligament pain." Often at night I have a bellyache or feel sudden or sharp pains in my lower abdomen. Concerning, until I read the book. This is related to the stretching of the muscles or ligaments around the ever growing "baby cave" and is completely normal. I also am sad to report that I must now try to sleep exclusively on my side. This is sad news to a stomach/back sleeper.

Funky dreams
I have been having some really bizarro dreams. Last night's may have been the result of the lethal combo of pregnancy plus an oncoming cold. So I dreamt that MY MOTHER had a baby.

I called her on the phone, she said "oh we had the baby! It's a girl!"
Without skipping a beat I said "who does she look like?"
Her reply "just like you!"

I then got off the phone and explained to Steve that my parents had a baby, a little girl, and she looked just like me.

He said nothing, just stared at me.
my matter of fact reply, "It was a change in life baby."

I don't even want to begin analyzing this one, but the possibilities are nearly limitless. Truly BIZARRO.

And in a semi-related subconscious kind of way

Steve announced not long ago that if Cash is a boy he hopes that someday a mural of Fenway Park can adorn his bedroom walls. I suspect that this is not just to endure the child to the Sox, but also to squelch any Yankee sympathy and GASP fanaticism from developing. I shared this story with a friend. Her reply... (without her permission, hope she doesn't mind!)

What if you do have a boy, and you do live in CT and you do have a RedSox mural on his wall. When he's young he will identify and maybe even grow to love the redsox (let's leave the fact that they are heartbreaking enough as is out of this for the moment) and see them as a wonderful buffer to son-dad bonding time. He gets older and starts school in CT with a bunch of CT/NY friends. He plays at their house in their rooms with their Yankee's murals on their walls and the seeds of doubt begin. "who are the yankee's?" "why don't I have that mural?" "are they judging me?" "am I wrong" and the doubt beings. All his life he is forced to hide the true feelings within him, fearing the judgment and wrath of others. A part of his soul will close distancing him from those around him he doesn't trust enough with his deepest secret. Girls will throw themselves at him for his dashing good looks and intelligence and he will be afraid to open up, afraid of what they will do when they find out.

do you really want to do to your son?

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    It's true.... What if the hottest chick in 11th grade is a Yankee's fan?!?