Letting the cat all the way out of the bag

So yesterday I sat down with my supervisor for our weekly meeting to go over my current cases and talk "strategery." After careful consideration, a lengthy discussion with Steve, and an ever growing pit in my stomach, I shared our big news with the rest of my world...the office

My colleagues were not only supportive, but also enthusiatic and even delighted to learn about Cash. They even threw together an impromptu fiesta complete with cake during our staff meeting. PHEW!

In other news, Tasha and Tony were up for the weekend from Philly. (yay!) We had a great time escaping the heat by holing up in the condo with the A/C blasting. I did force everyone to march down to the center for lunch on both days, SORRY GUYS! It was SO good to see them and we are planning at least one more Pre-Cash visit for the fall/winter. Being in CT is being 2.5 hours closer and we need to really capitalize on that gift!

This weekend is Brian and Erin's wedding! We cannot believe it is already August! Next weekend we'll be out in Saint Louis for Derek and Claire and then just two short weeks later Sean and Courtney tie the knot! I tried on my dress (purchased in May, aka pre-cash awareness) and discovered that it is quite snug, but not uncomfrotably so. I am on the hunt for a simple empire waisted number that my bloat can grow into as the summer creeps on. I have a very strong dislike for dress shopping to begin with, perhaps Cash will make it more fun?

Erin and Brian - enjoy the rest of this week! Saturday is literally just around the corner!!!


  1. caaaaaaaaash monaaaaaaaay!

  2. I love this!!! It's such a nice way to capture your pregnancy and to stay connected to you guys. Congratulations! So excited for you guys!!!
    Much love ... Mary Rob and Emma

  3. Hi there!!! This is so great, it's going to be wonderful to hear all your pregnancy updates! We are thrilled for you guys.
    Mary Rob and Emma