Someone knew, but did not know, but KNEW!

Congratulations are in order for the new Mr. and Mrs. Flynn. We had a great weekend up in Simsbury, CT for the Flynnewski affair. The bride was stunning, the groom dapper, and the reception was an absolute blast. CONGRATS!!!! We unfortunately forgot our camera at home so I have no photos to post. (he hah, that's for you bean)

I did end up squeezing myself and Cash into the dress that I really wanted to wear, which required Steve's assistance on the zipper, but not the use of pliers. It was just a little snug, but not uncomfortable once I actually had it on.

She knew, but she did not know, BUT SHE KNEW!
We had not yet seen some friends to share our good news with them, so the wedding also provided an opportunity for an in-person guess what! Turns out that friends of the bride and groom, whom we had not yet told, were onto us during the mass! "Jen-soon-to-be-Ben's" later shared that she had looked over during the mass and thought to herself, "I think Kerri is pregnant." They had not yet heard the news, so they monitored drinking behavior at the cocktail hour (water only) and later said she could just tell!

Growth requires some new digs
We stopped at Old Navy on the way home for a couple summer maternity tops to give me and Cash some more room to grow. We also enjoyed looking at little pairs of flip flops, tiny bathing suits, and adorable hats. Next summer the little cashew might have a tiny little suit and will definitely be wearing an adorable little beach hat. It was surreal to even be in the baby section, let alone picking up things and oh'ing and ah'ing.

I have thus far gained between 3 and 4 pounds, depending on the day.

What is Cash up to this week?
Cash has a busy week. Today we are 14 weeks and 2 days. According to my books this week Cash is now about three and a half inches long and weighs about two ounces. His or her neck is complete, and Cash even has fingerprints. He or she is beginning to move around in the amniotic fluid. Fetal movement can occur as early as this week though it is more likely to occur between the 18th to 22nd week. Cash is also practicing "breathing" the amniotic fluid in and out of his/her lungs and now has all 20 teeth formed.

We have our next appointment with the doctor on Monday the 14th. I will be 15 weeks and 2 days at that point. We will likely have another ultrasound during Week 18 according to my preliminary notes from our first appointment.

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  1. Looks like someone is blogging during work hours ... so that someone else (cough::me::cough) has something to entertain them during work hours. You don't need to worry about buying that cashew anything ... that's what beanie's are for!