Umm... January????

Doc Visit Monday 8/14/2006 (bp, heartbeat, yada yada yada)

We had our monthly check-up with our Doctor(s) this Monday. I say Doctor(s) because though I have one assigned doc at this practice, they rotate you around all the docs so that you get to know everyone and they get to meet every patient. Steve said it best, this set-up is strange for consistency between visits, but we both feel that it will ultimately pay off for delivery because we will know our on-call doc.

SIDEBAR - Steve was under the impression that an ER doc would deliver Cash at the hospital. HOPEFULLY that will not be the case! One of the docs that has been following us will be on-call and present for delivery. He felt much better...

Mom-to-be's blood pressure was normal (yay!) and we got to hear that precious little heart beat whooshing away on the doppler again. There is something SO reassuring in hearing that little whoosh. Didn't get a heart rate though, whoops!

Here's the big news from our appointment!

Cashew who was once due to arrive February 3rd, 2007 is now scheduled for arrival on January 27th, 2007! They have moved up our date by a week! Cash's arrival will could now coincide with the AFC Championship (wonder how I knew that?) and not Super Bowl weekend.

The difference of that one week makes it feel like this is all going to happen a lot sooner now! We are going to get working on cleaning out some stuff from Cash's room soon and Steve has started gathering information about child care.

As the Doc said, Cash could still make her/his appearance on or about the same time anyway as apparently the estimated due date is "not exactly a science, but more of a GUESS." HOW will my Planner husband PLAN appropriately!?!?!?! =)

Cash's week

I am now 16 weeks and 3 days (just over 4 months).

Our little cashew is measuring at almost 6 inches and weighes about 4 oz. Cash's finger and toenails are growing. A layer of fat is beginning to form under her/his skin. The baby and the placenta are about the same size, almost as large as my hand opened wide. Cash is sucking, swallowing, and blinking! Baby's legs are now longer than his/her arms and they are moving about, though I most likely can't feel it quite yet (but boy am I trying to!).

Mom's week

I have gained 6 pounds since my Pre-Cash days. (5-10 pounds are normal at this point) I rely on my Bella Band more and more these days. After a big meal my bump swells to insane proportions, but is typically just a little bump (we have moved on from bloat!). I am getting my energy back and can make it past 10pm and almost to Sex and the City without much effort. Steve and I are getting to the gym regularly and we are looking into prenatal yoga classes in the area to assist with what our doctor described as "potential back pain as pregnancy progresses." We are headed north this weekend for Sox/Yanks/Beach weekend. It will be nice to see our parents and sit on the beach. Next weekend is the big McShino nuptials and we are psyched to celebrate with the new Mr and Mrs!

Here are some photos from last weekend in Saint Louis for Derek and Claire''s wedding.


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