Cash Money keeps growing

According to What to Expect and my little web reference, Cash is almost a pound! His or her eyelids, eyebrows, and lips are in their final places and growing. Cash continues to be mommy's little maniac down there. I have noticed that while I had previously only felt movement on my way left side, I now cannot predict where s/he will "strike" next and have felt big kicks in the middle and way over on my right side too. Sometimes there are bigger kicks that startle me, but for the most part Cash is still "flutter kicking" and Steve can usually barely feel it.

We went into the city last Saturday for the day. We went to Chelsea Piers and hit 100 balls, had lunch, walked around, met up with friends, and went to the night Sox/Yankee game, you know the one they lost =( We got home super late, but got in and out easy on the train. Spent most of Sunday relaxing, it was BLISSFUL!

Happy to report that our childbirth class has been scheduled for the morning of October 21st.

Tours at the hospital happen on Wednesday nights, so we will plan that later on.


Thursday -
Kiki and Steve are visiting as part of a business meeting in CT on Thursday. Steve and I are excited to show them around and let them see the life we have created for ourselves down here.

Saturday -
We are also going home for a Def Leppard/Journey concert with some friends, which is sure to be fun.


Mom-to-be needs to reorganize her closet now because MOST of her clothes no longer fit and her maternity section needs some room to expand.

We STILL have NOT cleaned out Cash's room, but we have a plan, which is further along than we were before. I have been boxing up Social Work textbooks and other books for storage.

We have 99.999999% picked out the nursery furniture, thanks to a stop off at Buy Buy Baby while we were in NYC this past weekend.

I will post some photos from our weekend and of the growing baby belly later.


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