Here s/he is!!!!

This is from our 18 week ultrasound last week. As you can see Cash has been keeping busy with all his/her growth and this week is sprouting hair!! In this shot Cash's knees are bent up a bit, you can see the knee joint. That is Cash's little arm by his/her head, mixed in with the umbilical cord. We cannot get enough of our little one!

I continue to experience periodic round ligament pain, more on the left side than the right, and especially at night when I am trying to sleep. I am still feeling some sporadic little movements from within, though certainly not on a regular basis yet, but hopefully SOON! Today alone I have felt little flutters at least 3 times since lunch. This kid must love lunch!!! I finally purchased a special pillow this weekend to assist with my sleeping woes and slept the best night of sleep in weeks! Thanks to my hubby for purchasing it for me...

Steve and I also want to thank Kerry and Colleen again for all their assistance this weekend! They endured way too long at Babies R' Us this Saturday looking at strollers, car seats, baby bath tubs, and bottles. You ladies are definitely all set to be aunties! Steve and I were left scratching our heads , but these two knew exactly what to do. THANKS!!!!!

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    I already have him/her in a frame. Is that weird? Kind of, I don't even think you guys have him/her in a frame yet - maybe you do, I hope you do cause then I won't be such a weirdo.