Yucky Orange Drink

I had my one hour fasting glucose test this morning at 8 AM. Good times. I had to drink a little bottle of this lovely orange flavored dextrose drink in 5 minutes time and then wait for an hour in the waiting room for a blood draw to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. Most docs give you the bottle to drink before your next visit and do the draw onsite, but ours makes us go to Quest. So I stopped eating last night at around 8pm, nothing to eat or drink after that, and was starving when I got to the office this morning. It felt like the sugar went right through my system, creating some insane Cash activity and a headache. We'll get the results at my next appointment. Here's hoping that we pass!

Random updates...

So that is what little Cash looks like now that we are now in the 26th week. Pretty cute huh?

... weighs nearly 2 pounds
... nerve pathways in his/her ears are developing and reaction to sound should be more consistent
...veins are visible through the skin
... awareness of lightness and darkness
... sometimes you can hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope

Something we read suggested we have some flashlight playtime with the little cashew. At first there was quite a response when I turned the light on and off, but later there was none. I should note that the "later" was during a time when Cash is typically asleep.

I have begun to take note of more active and less active times of the day.

7AM - Cash usually wakes up when I do and stays active until I take a shower. Then there is less activity (or maybe I just don't notice it while I throw myself together to get out the door?) until I get into the car.

8:45AM - I usually feel at least one good period of kicking on my ride in, usually toward the tail end of my ride after I have been cursing at the CT/NY drivers on the thruway. Did I just say thruway? good god, I am becoming Connecticized! ANYWAY - hopefully that is not Cash responding to my outbursts of "go right ahead!" "Oh CMON!" or my sarcastic favorite "and why would you use your signal!?"

9-12PM - Cash is typically pretty inactive during the morning hours

1pm - 4pm Periods of activity in the afternoon after lunch.

5-7pm - All quiet on the baby front - sometimes a rare kick, but not reliably

8pm ish -After dinner there is usually a little movement and some position changes

10pm - The real fun is bedtime, when I can count on some serious kicking after I lie down. So far I haven't really been woken up in the middle of the night, but sometimes it is very difficult to find a comfy sleeping arrangement. Thank GOD for that Boppy pillow!

Though Steve and other people (including Amy and Auntie Kerry) have been able to feel the little kicks, our dumb cat Reese sits right against me and does not even notice anything out of the ordinary. She will soon enough though when Cash comes home to rule to roost!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sit comfortably too. Cash seems to like to lie transverse (best we can tell anyway) and lower which makes it hard to get up or sit forward. It is WILD when you are able to touch your belly and feel the hardness of baby below. =)

We have plans to head up to MA again this weekend for the BC Buffalo game and to see Comics Come Home with some old friends. We'll get to see Uncle Brett/Uncle Bub for the first time in a LONG time on Saturday as well (maybe since our mother's birthday in JUNE?!)

New Hampshire and POP!

We had a lovely anniversary celebration over the weekend in Bretton Woods, NH. The drive up to the White Mountains was gorgeous, with foliage in full effect! We took some lovely photos of the "Presidential Range" from the Cog Railway tour. Our train used a whole ton of coals and 3000 gallons of water to push our replica train car up the side of the mountain, through Jacob's Ladder, and to the summit. Some parts were so steep you could barely stand, but our crew got us there safe and sound. To be honest, I was more worried about the desecent back down the mountain and could not comprehend how we would slow down! It worked out beautifully! We climbed the summit and saw all the way to the Atlantic, to Quebec, and beyond from the peak. It was GREAT!!! We also enjoyed the peace and solitude of the Mount Washington Hotel and 4 absolutely delicious meals.

Perhaps as a result of the intense eating and the pressure change - I POPPED this weekend. Ok, maybe it was just time to pop, but I did. I did not recognize myself in the mirror all dressed up for dinner. So strange, but exciting because for SO long it felt like only we saw the bump. Now everyone can! I will have to have Steve take some more bump photos to post.

Here are some photos of our trip.

No longer newlyweds...

It's offical, the honeymoon is over.

NOT REALLY! We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday and it is hard to believe that it was two years ago that we were sitting beside a brilliantly clear ocean in Aruba, drinking Balashi and "Sand in my shorts," and enjoying our real honeymoon. Like Steve's father said, just 28 more to catch up to them. =)

We are officially celebrating over the weekend in NH at the Mount Washington Hotel where leaves are at their peak right now! YAY! We exchanged lovely "cotton" anniversary gifts and went out for Japanese Hibachi last night which was FUN. I toasted with a virgin strawberry daquiri... I can honestly say that I have NEVER had that much food put in front of me before and had a CLEAN plate at the end of the meal, but I ate every single bean sprout, piece of shrimp, and hibachi noodle on my plate. Consider it further evidence that my appetite has been kicked up a notch by Cash.

In honor of our anniversary we also FINALLY put together our gallery frame of our wedding photos. There is a photo from our honeymoon which will soon be replaced by our first family photo.

OB Appointment on 10/9/06

We had our 6 month appointment on Monday. She easily found the heartbeat until Cash started moving away from her. S/he did this at least three times before she was able to get a good reading, which was hysterically funny because as I keep saying I have a kickboxing maniac in my belly. The baby has the most room to move around between 24 and 28 weeks, so I am expecting continued craziness in there for awhile to come. She did report that the heartbeat was nice and strong and just where it should be. My blood pressure was excellent; 112/70 (apparently it drops in pregnancy? and mine has always been on the high side).

Then she palpated my stomach and showed us how Cash was lying at that moment, pointing out where the head and legs were to Steve... This was more on the freaky side than we had expected. She also said that our next monthly appointment will be our last monthly, then we will go every other week, and during the last 4 weeks we will go every single week. WOW!~ She prepped us on calling into the office when something seems not right and reminded us to call them first before going to the hospital. This was all prompted by questions about some pressure I had been feeling at the gym while on the treadmill. She said the pressure is normal and I will begin to feel more as time goes on. It is unreal that we are talking about delivery and calling in and all that!?!?

I have to have my one-hour glucose test at the end of this month to test for gestational diabetes. We also have our big childbirth class coming up on the 21st!

This week in the life of Cash

... skin is translucent and wrinkled

... gained a 1/4 of a pound since last week!

... brain is growing rapidly and taste buds are developing

... lungs are developing "branches" of the "respiratory tree"

This week in the life of Mom-to-be

... "baby cave" is the size of a soccer ball!

We officially have a place for Cash to rest his or her little head!

Cash's crib has arrived!

I received confirmation that it was delivered around noontime today. We won't dwell on the fact that there are two 70 pound boxes sitting outside our front door that Steve will need to push up a flight of stairs. Nor will we dwell on where we will put them in the interim. We won't even think about the actual "putting together adventure" we will surely have with both the crib and matching dresser. NOPE!

I tried to post a photo from the web, but was unable to. So we'll post one once the room transformation starts getting underway. Since we cannot paint, we can get going on the actual construction a bit later. I know I speak for both of us when I say it is a tremendous weight lifted now that we have selected and now hopefully received Cash's very first furniture. WIERD huh??

I spent part of Sunday FINALLY cleaning out the closet in Cash's room. We've only been talking about that for over a month now =)

Cash's week~

The highlights...

... Weight - 1.25 pounds
... Length - nearly a foot long
(that is the size of a small baby doll you might find in a store!)
... Cash's body is nearly formed
... Middle ear bones are hardening
... Becoming more and more proportioned everyday
... Pancreas is forming (insulin production)
... Fingernails almost fully formed
...Lanugo (that fine hair that covers its whole body) is darkening

Cash would even have a chance for survival if born now, but let's not dwell on that, s/he has a lot more cooking to do!

Mom's Week~

the highlights...

... Baby cave is over an inch above my belly button now
... Increase in appetite
... At our appointment on Monday the doctor could palpate my abdomen and feel how the baby is positioned
... LOTS and LOTS of movement felt

Baby Cash was so active at the BC game over the weekend (BC 22 ME 0) that I almost thought something was wrong. This continued all the way home and through most of the night. Alumni Stadium is a loud and crazy place, so I am sure some of the movement was a reaction to all the noise. I was more comfortable at this game, as the weather was much cooler and I was well hydrated.

I can't even keep track of all the moving about these days! Sleeping is funny because I can sometimes SEE the baby through my belly. You can see that they are pressing right up against the side I have been sleeping on. WILD!!! Steve has even noticed that the kicks are much stronger and more frequent. They certainly don't hurt by any means, but they are definitely getting to be a bit harder.

Colleen is coming down on Friday after work. She'll spend the night and head into the city via train to visit Pam. Steve, myself, and my parents are planning a day in the city too. A stop at the American Museum of Natural History and then dinner at Carmine's will make for a nice day, should the weather hold out that is. Let's hope!