No longer newlyweds...

It's offical, the honeymoon is over.

NOT REALLY! We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday and it is hard to believe that it was two years ago that we were sitting beside a brilliantly clear ocean in Aruba, drinking Balashi and "Sand in my shorts," and enjoying our real honeymoon. Like Steve's father said, just 28 more to catch up to them. =)

We are officially celebrating over the weekend in NH at the Mount Washington Hotel where leaves are at their peak right now! YAY! We exchanged lovely "cotton" anniversary gifts and went out for Japanese Hibachi last night which was FUN. I toasted with a virgin strawberry daquiri... I can honestly say that I have NEVER had that much food put in front of me before and had a CLEAN plate at the end of the meal, but I ate every single bean sprout, piece of shrimp, and hibachi noodle on my plate. Consider it further evidence that my appetite has been kicked up a notch by Cash.

In honor of our anniversary we also FINALLY put together our gallery frame of our wedding photos. There is a photo from our honeymoon which will soon be replaced by our first family photo.

OB Appointment on 10/9/06

We had our 6 month appointment on Monday. She easily found the heartbeat until Cash started moving away from her. S/he did this at least three times before she was able to get a good reading, which was hysterically funny because as I keep saying I have a kickboxing maniac in my belly. The baby has the most room to move around between 24 and 28 weeks, so I am expecting continued craziness in there for awhile to come. She did report that the heartbeat was nice and strong and just where it should be. My blood pressure was excellent; 112/70 (apparently it drops in pregnancy? and mine has always been on the high side).

Then she palpated my stomach and showed us how Cash was lying at that moment, pointing out where the head and legs were to Steve... This was more on the freaky side than we had expected. She also said that our next monthly appointment will be our last monthly, then we will go every other week, and during the last 4 weeks we will go every single week. WOW!~ She prepped us on calling into the office when something seems not right and reminded us to call them first before going to the hospital. This was all prompted by questions about some pressure I had been feeling at the gym while on the treadmill. She said the pressure is normal and I will begin to feel more as time goes on. It is unreal that we are talking about delivery and calling in and all that!?!?

I have to have my one-hour glucose test at the end of this month to test for gestational diabetes. We also have our big childbirth class coming up on the 21st!

This week in the life of Cash

... skin is translucent and wrinkled

... gained a 1/4 of a pound since last week!

... brain is growing rapidly and taste buds are developing

... lungs are developing "branches" of the "respiratory tree"

This week in the life of Mom-to-be

... "baby cave" is the size of a soccer ball!


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