Random updates...

So that is what little Cash looks like now that we are now in the 26th week. Pretty cute huh?

... weighs nearly 2 pounds
... nerve pathways in his/her ears are developing and reaction to sound should be more consistent
...veins are visible through the skin
... awareness of lightness and darkness
... sometimes you can hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope

Something we read suggested we have some flashlight playtime with the little cashew. At first there was quite a response when I turned the light on and off, but later there was none. I should note that the "later" was during a time when Cash is typically asleep.

I have begun to take note of more active and less active times of the day.

7AM - Cash usually wakes up when I do and stays active until I take a shower. Then there is less activity (or maybe I just don't notice it while I throw myself together to get out the door?) until I get into the car.

8:45AM - I usually feel at least one good period of kicking on my ride in, usually toward the tail end of my ride after I have been cursing at the CT/NY drivers on the thruway. Did I just say thruway? good god, I am becoming Connecticized! ANYWAY - hopefully that is not Cash responding to my outbursts of "go right ahead!" "Oh CMON!" or my sarcastic favorite "and why would you use your signal!?"

9-12PM - Cash is typically pretty inactive during the morning hours

1pm - 4pm Periods of activity in the afternoon after lunch.

5-7pm - All quiet on the baby front - sometimes a rare kick, but not reliably

8pm ish -After dinner there is usually a little movement and some position changes

10pm - The real fun is bedtime, when I can count on some serious kicking after I lie down. So far I haven't really been woken up in the middle of the night, but sometimes it is very difficult to find a comfy sleeping arrangement. Thank GOD for that Boppy pillow!

Though Steve and other people (including Amy and Auntie Kerry) have been able to feel the little kicks, our dumb cat Reese sits right against me and does not even notice anything out of the ordinary. She will soon enough though when Cash comes home to rule to roost!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sit comfortably too. Cash seems to like to lie transverse (best we can tell anyway) and lower which makes it hard to get up or sit forward. It is WILD when you are able to touch your belly and feel the hardness of baby below. =)

We have plans to head up to MA again this weekend for the BC Buffalo game and to see Comics Come Home with some old friends. We'll get to see Uncle Brett/Uncle Bub for the first time in a LONG time on Saturday as well (maybe since our mother's birthday in JUNE?!)


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