We officially have a place for Cash to rest his or her little head!

Cash's crib has arrived!

I received confirmation that it was delivered around noontime today. We won't dwell on the fact that there are two 70 pound boxes sitting outside our front door that Steve will need to push up a flight of stairs. Nor will we dwell on where we will put them in the interim. We won't even think about the actual "putting together adventure" we will surely have with both the crib and matching dresser. NOPE!

I tried to post a photo from the web, but was unable to. So we'll post one once the room transformation starts getting underway. Since we cannot paint, we can get going on the actual construction a bit later. I know I speak for both of us when I say it is a tremendous weight lifted now that we have selected and now hopefully received Cash's very first furniture. WIERD huh??

I spent part of Sunday FINALLY cleaning out the closet in Cash's room. We've only been talking about that for over a month now =)

Cash's week~

The highlights...

... Weight - 1.25 pounds
... Length - nearly a foot long
(that is the size of a small baby doll you might find in a store!)
... Cash's body is nearly formed
... Middle ear bones are hardening
... Becoming more and more proportioned everyday
... Pancreas is forming (insulin production)
... Fingernails almost fully formed
...Lanugo (that fine hair that covers its whole body) is darkening

Cash would even have a chance for survival if born now, but let's not dwell on that, s/he has a lot more cooking to do!

Mom's Week~

the highlights...

... Baby cave is over an inch above my belly button now
... Increase in appetite
... At our appointment on Monday the doctor could palpate my abdomen and feel how the baby is positioned
... LOTS and LOTS of movement felt

Baby Cash was so active at the BC game over the weekend (BC 22 ME 0) that I almost thought something was wrong. This continued all the way home and through most of the night. Alumni Stadium is a loud and crazy place, so I am sure some of the movement was a reaction to all the noise. I was more comfortable at this game, as the weather was much cooler and I was well hydrated.

I can't even keep track of all the moving about these days! Sleeping is funny because I can sometimes SEE the baby through my belly. You can see that they are pressing right up against the side I have been sleeping on. WILD!!! Steve has even noticed that the kicks are much stronger and more frequent. They certainly don't hurt by any means, but they are definitely getting to be a bit harder.

Colleen is coming down on Friday after work. She'll spend the night and head into the city via train to visit Pam. Steve, myself, and my parents are planning a day in the city too. A stop at the American Museum of Natural History and then dinner at Carmine's will make for a nice day, should the weather hold out that is. Let's hope!


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