Back by popular demand...

More Bump Photos!

We really should be doing a better job of taking these. Looking back at how things were way back in June and comparing it to now makes us realize how much Cash is growing and just how quickly the time has flown by. Just 3 months left before the little guy or girl makes their big appearance.

How am I feeling?

Overall, GREAT! I have maintained my energy so far, though the darkness on my drive home from work has always been an issue for me as far as energy goes. I am finding that I have increased difficulty sitting in one position for a long period of time and that sometimes I need some assistance to get up. Cash still likes to sink low when I am sitting it seems and this often makes it a challenge to switch positions or to stand up. I am REALLY fitting into my maternity pants now, which I thought would never happen. I notice that I have to pull them up a lot less than just a couple weeks ago. Cash continues to delight me with his/her predictable movements and kicks. I think that I will really miss this intimate time with the little one once they make their entrance. It is such a nice little random reminder during the day (and night) that we are going to be parents soon...

An alarming incident of sorts...

Last night Steve and I treated ourselves to a little dinner out. Nights of random dinners out are numbered and we are definitely trying to take advantage! I did not eat anything out of the ordinary - a crock of chili and a small caesar salad. Cash is used to some spiciness because I like things with a little zip. We got home, watched TV in the bedroom, and somewhere in the middle of Grey's (when Steve was LONG asleep FYI) I felt like I really needed to shift my position (I was on my side) because my belly felt odd. Not painful. Not a pressure. Just odd. So I sat up and felt my belly and discovered a warped wierd belly. My best estimation is that Cash was VERTICAL and it seemed like one of his/her shoulder was pressing outward. It was insane. I woke Steve up because I needed SOMEONE else to see what I was seeing and make sure I hadn't fallen asleep and dreamt this wierdness up. It was the strangest thing! I lay back down in bed and then sat up a few minutes later and the warped belly was gone. Not a sign of Cash to be found...

I have clearly entered the "alien stage" as was so eloquently put by Steve's boss. At first I lauged it off, but really - this is the "alien stage."

Cash's week - Week 27 (done after today!)

... sleeping and waking at regular intervals

... opening and closing eyes

... lungs capable of functioning with assistance.

Cash's week - Week 28 (starts this Saturday!)

... over two pounds now
... 14.8 inches from top of his/her head to his/her tippy toes
... EYELASHES (hopefully long like Dad's!)
... able to turn head toward a continuous bright light from the outside
... Fat layers forming to keep Cash warm in the cold New England winter


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