Last week in the 20's

Here we are in our LAST week of "the 20's." This Saturday we will officially hit the 30-week mark!

Unfortunately this hasn't been the best week of the pregnancy. I worked some extra hours over the weekend resulting in my feet and back not feeling so nice at the end of the day, but I was glad to help. This day must have been more exhausting than I had originally thought because I felt pretty off on Sunday and Monday and hardly slept at all on Monday night.

It seemed like everytime I was up the baby was too; rolling around and repositioning. I even took a sick day on Tuesday because I just didn't feel right and thought I was catching a cold, something I wanted desperately to avoid. Today I am feeling much better, but still not quite normal. I have come to accept that perhaps this is the "new normal?" There is supposed to be some degree of insomnia in this third trimester and I am finding that I am getting tired earlier in the evenings again. This weekend was probably a much needed wake up call that I need to remember to really take care of myself AND Cash.

Cash continues to be very active this week. Still lots and lots of kicks, but more sightings of unknown body parts pushing up and out and along my belly. Steve felt some of this kind of movement for the first time this week. I have also noticed some rhythmic movements that seem to last quite a long time. According to my books these are likely hiccups, which is evidence that Cash is indeed practicing some breathing techniques with the amniotic fluid! Cash still likes James Taylor, but we have found that baby responds especially well when we play him/her a new song that they haven't heard before. I had JT on in the car this morning actually and I was singing along as I made the slow ride down 95 to work when I suddenly became overwhelmed realizing that I was actually singing to Cash and not just to occupy my time. Poor Cash - his/her Mommy's voice isn't the best.

Cash's week~

... 2.5 pounds

... a little over 15 inches long from head to heels

... muscles and lungs continue to mature

... head is growing to accomodate a growing brain - we want Cash to be brilliant and all but a little less growth here would be ok by me =) - BILLIONS of neurons developing!

Mom-to-be's week~

... Saw Marc and Kelly, Christian, Christina, and Baby Christian on their way home from a wedding on Long Island Sunday - great to see them!

... Gave a presentation to a local middle school's parent teacher organization meeting about Cancer's affect on families

... Headed home on Friday night for the big BC/MD game - according to Steve the future of the season hinges on their performance (that and Wake Forest has to lose their next 2) {how impressed is my husband that I know that!?}

... Wishing Mary and Dan the best of luck on the West Coast - their new life begins December 1st - we are hoping to see them this Saturday evening

... Mom's throwing a shower for Cash and the Western MA crowd this Sunday morning! How nice of her!!!

...Getting ready for the sit down at work re post baby planning - wish me luck!

... My belly is just growing and growing and growing - and I love it!!!

Steve and I are getting so excited to meet this little person - just over 10 weeks to wait!


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