Our LAST Monthly OB Visit!

This morning marked a milestone; our last monthly OB visit. I go back in three weeks, the week following Thanksgiving, and will then go every two weeks until we get to final countdown. The visit went well. He measured my belly with a tape measure (a first), checked my blood pressure (normal), listened to baby's heart rate (loud, strong, and a bit faster than last time, though still within a normal range), and palpated my belly to see how Cash is lying in there (head down this morning).

Perhaps it was James Taylor that had Cash's head down? For about 20 minutes at night Cash listens to some James through the IPOD. His/her favorite is "Secret O' Life." That is the one that gets the most kicks =) Most likely this had nothing to do with it though. The Dr. says that until we get to about 35 weeks the baby will still move around quite a bit and won't maintain head down positioning until about that point when the head/body ratio is greater.

No more yucky orange drink for me either! I passed my glucose test, in fact they were alarmed that it was actually a bit low. There was some miscommunication though because Quest Diagnostics told me to fast for 10-12 hours and it turns out I didn't have to do that. I was starving when I went in for the test and I must have metabolized it really quickly.

We made Cash's dresser on Sunday and it looks really nice. It is large enough that the little one should have it for a long LONG time. Next item on the construction agenda is the crib, though we aren't sure what to do about that since it definitely won't fit out the doorway once it is made and will need to be taken apart when we move. Part of us wants to wait until the move to put it together in our new place and the other part wants to put it together as the "nesting reflex" continues to get stronger.

Steve is away in MA until Friday on business. (WAH!) I was thinking to myself this morning as I lay with kitty in bed watching the Today show that it was just the girls until he comes back WHEN I REALIZED it might be just the girls, or it might not. HA!

Speaking of kitty, I think she finally is on to us that something is going on. She voiced her obvious displeasure on Sunday during the dresser construction by defiantly sitting on the futon and putting her ears back. She has shifted from sleeping on my pillow to sleeping against my side. When I sit on the couch she squeezes herself into the crook in my leg and leans back against my belly. Though there is sure to be some serious kitty cuddle time, we will miss Steve...


  1. holy CASHEW!!!

    there's for sure a baby in there!

    the torture is killing me. come hooooooome!

  2. YAY! Just 2 more months until we get to meet Cash. Can't wait!!!