Two months from today...

That's right! Our little cashew is coming in two months - January 27th - give or take a couple days of course... As I type this the little one is currently experiencing those dang hiccups. I am feeling the little thump every few seconds in exactly the same spot...

LOTS to update on~


My mother put together a lovely shower for us and Cash in Western MA. She got some big help from her good friends Sue and Barbara who assisted her with many details including the favors and centerpieces. They are just wonderful people and I am so glad that my mother has supportive women like that in her life. The breakfast was delish and as it is my favorite meal of the day, I went to town with a big plate of everything! The guests were incredibly generous, in both time and overwhelming gifts for the baby. We have been busy putting together many of the items and readying Cash's room, which is now looking more and more like a baby might be moving in soon. More than anything it was special to share this time and our excitement with such great friends and family. Thank you!!!!! Pictures to be posted soon!!

Gobble, Gobble

First a rundown of the week...

Wednesday ~
No work for us! We packed up on Tuesday, much to the cat's dismay, and woke up early to get a head start on the traffic. Steve absolutely made my day by suggesting a diner breakfast at our local place on the way to 95 - Three slices of french toast later we were on our way north. NO TRAFFIC. (That begs to be repeated!) NO TRAFFIC. We made record time, stopped in Natick for some last minute shopping and were in Medfield by 3. Steve played in his annual Alumni High School Football game at good ol' MHS and I chatted with the other wives Courtney and Erin over FREE cocoa. From there it was back to Court and Sean's for a festive evening at their new house which is really coming together C!!! I know it meant a lot for Steve to reconnect with his old friends.

Thursday ~
Thanksgiving in Medfield. We shared a lovely day with Steve's family and Cash enjoyed his/her first Thanksgiving via my belly. Early concensus is that Cash enjoys Turkey and all fixings. Got to run over to Joanie's too see her and the kids. Unfortunately we capped the evening off with a BC loss to Miami, booooo.

Drove home to Western MA early afternoon to spend time with my parents. They had a wedding later that night, so we shared some yummy french meat pie with them and they were off and running. (here is your big shout out Jesse!) We met Jesse and Amy out for some late dinner in Granby, CT as they were in town for the holiday visiting his mother who lives in CT. It was nice to see them and horrifying when we realized we won't likely see them again until Cash arrives. HOW SCARY!

Spent the morning convincing Dad to get a new TV for his newly renamed "family room!" Relaxed over omelettes in the morning (yum, no one makes an omelette like Cindy!) and then thoroughly stuffed ourselves with open faced turkey sandwiches before we hit the road to head back to CT. We took half a meat pie with us which we gorged on later. It is even better reheated if that is possible. Lounged, took in a movie, I cleaned out more of Cash's closet.

Sunday ~
Slept late, ran errands, put together stuff for Cash, watched the Pats game. A nice end to our holiday week. LOUNGING!

Thanksgiving had special meaning to us this year. We have SO many wonderful things in our life to be thankful for - our new life here in CT, our fabu new jobs, great family, good friends, and of course, our little Cash on the way. We recognize that not everyone was able to spend the holiday the way we were; that they may not have had the MANY delicious meals we had, or shared the company of the people they love and care about. We spent 4 days doing just that and we are so incredibly thankful...

OB Visit this morning

Now based on my recap it should be clear to everyone how I gained two more pounds in only three weeks... all that turkey and deliciousness has to go somewhere right? We had our first two week appointment this morning. My blood pressure has been consistent for the last few visits now, which for me is great and good for Cash too. =) He measured my belly with the tape measure and felt for placement. The heartbeat was good and steady, but Cash was once again running away, although not as much as last time (probably running out of room?) We asked him about my newest symptom heartburn - oh yeah - it's pretty terrible. My heart goes out to heartburn sufferers everywhere. It doesnt matter what I eat! I even get it from water, how is that possible!!?!? He said we may or may not have another ultrasound for sizing, but he isn't sure yet. I secretly hope we do! Who wouldn't want another preview of their little one???? We'll see the docs again in two weeks!

What's happening with Cash this week?

... 16 inches long
... a little more than 3 pounds
... Turning head side to side
... "fattening up a bit" so those little legs and arms are getting nice and chubby

And in honor of it being the 27th of November, with two months to go here are some important world happenings that occured on January 27th

...Motzart, Lewis Carroll, and Donna Reed born
...Thomas Edison patented the electric light bulb (1880)
... Treaty of Paris signed to end the Vietnam War (1973)
... Michael Jackson's head catches on fire during filming of Pepsi ad (1984)


  1. YAY! Just two more months!

    Where did you eat in GRANBY??

  2. Jesse6:49 PM

    YES! I'm on the Internet!!!! thanks for the shout-out.