Happy Holidays from us and Cash!

With all this mild weather it seems very strange that Christmas is this weekend?!? We are readying ourselves for the holidays at home in MA.

Friday night we will most likely head up to Medfield. The annual family party is on Saturday and it will be so nice to see Steve's Dad's family; always a very special event! Santa even comes!! Saturday we will celebrate Christmas with Steve's immediate family before heading over to Steve's Aunt Joanie's for Luminaria 2006. Steve is especially excited to see his godson Nolan. Saturday night we will drive to Western MA to spend some time with Brett and my parents. Brett is actually off for Christmas Eve night AND Christmas DAY!?!? My aunt and uncle will join us for dinner on Christmas. I really enjoy that Christmas is over the weekend this year because it allows us to be able to spend real quality time with both sides of the family.

We have a lot to do before we head home! Besides packing of course, I am baking tonight for my holiday get together at work - whoopies! AND we have plans for our own little Christmas on Thursday night with a nice dinner out, some wine (shhhh!), and our gift exchange.

Sooo... the updates...

The latest news from Florida is that my grandfather is stable with hospice intervention, somewhat restless, but overall quite comfortable. My grandmother is home today taking a much needed break. We're in touch with one another all the time and I have passed on all the kind words people have extended to her and my father. Thank you for keeping us and especially my grandfather in your thoughts.

Cash's week~

Steve and I are going to meet with Cash's pediatrician later today. I have a list of questions for her, but REALLY how much can you "interview" a potential doctor. The only things I really want to to know are how often they want to see Cash the first year, the charges associated with these visits, and if she is open to a shared decision-making model (like that word!?). Other than that - what can we really get from an interview? Until we see her in action we won't really know will we? I won't stress about it. =)

... weight is up to 4.75 pounds
... almost 18 inches long
... Smooth skin as s/he layers on the fat - which I hope to assist with during my holiday meals =)
... Central nervous system still maturing
... Lungs are well-developed
... 99% of babies born at this point survive just fine

Happy Holidays!!


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