Seemingly overnight - we have a wiggle worm on our hands. I guess the "baby cave" must be getting a bit too cramped because it now feels more like a rubbing against than a kick when Cash moves around. As recent as a few days ago Cash pushed out against my stomach and when I reached down and touched the little rounded spot (in a vain attempt to identify the body part protruding from my abdomen) the baby MOVED AWAY from my touch. So FUN! It was like interacting with Cash before s/he gets here... I have had similar experiences most days since. I can't wait for Steve to share in that too!

We have a crib!!!
The big news from the weekend is that we built the crib! It was a painless experience and it came together quickly and easily thanks to simple-to-understand directions and not so many pieces. =)

Pictures of Cash's room are posted below. We now officially have an office/nursery - which we think will work out just fine for now. I am imagining that Steve will actually be grateful to have the computer in that room during his share of the middle of the night wake ups - he can read ESPN or boston.com or check his work email while he comforts the little one back to dreamy slumber. More likely we will hover around it at 3AM bleary-eyed and exhausted googling ways to get the baby to sleep =)

32 Weeks
We are in the 32nd week - so just about 8 weeks until Cash's estimated arrival! I have been feeling pretty good overall. Getting out of the car and getting up from the couch are getting to be a little more challenging, but not cumbersome. I feel like Cash just went through a little growth spurt because I feel a lot bigger. We are planning on taking some 32nd week photos and will post so you will have to let me know if I finally look pregnant =) Heartburn continues to irk me, but I am managing ok.

The wonders of Massage
I had my pregnancy massage on Saturday! Steve gave me a gift certificate for our anniversary and it was so wonderful!!!! What a nice hubby. It was an hour and focused on my back, hips, legs, and feet. GLORIOUS!!! I wish I had gotten one each trimester it was so great. I had begun to feel some lower back pain, but the massage therapist worked hard on that area and it was 110% better when I left.

So what's happening with Cash this week~
... almost 4 pounds
... almost 17 inches long
... Toenails - but no pedicure in sight yet =)
... may already have a headful of hair - or peach fuzz
... skin is becoming less wrinkled looking
... general growth!

This time next year we will be getting ready to celebrate Cash's first Christmas and Cash will be almost a year old!

On a special note: Please extend some thoughts and prayers to my mother's parents in Florida who have been coping with some very stressful construction in their home and are hoping to be moving north soon. Wouldn't that be the best Christmas gift of all?!?!

View from the door...

The office "corner"

Cash's future alma mater?

The Crib!

The crib "interior" with mobile

Another view (the sox stuff WILL come down - photos of Humarock will go up)

Cash's dresser - Reese approves!


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