Sad news from the South

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that my Grandfather passed last night. In my experience, people often select their time and it seems that is just what he did. His birthday was Friday, Christmas was Monday, he passed on Tuesday - likely knowing that my uncle was flying down on Thursday to assist with packing and to plan my Grandmother's relocation from Florida to Massachusetts/Connecticut. In a twist of fate, today is also the 12th anniversary of my father's Dad's passing. The holidays are such a time of joy and celebration, with all the hopes of the new year ahead. This time of year is always bittersweet for my family and though it will weigh heavily upon us to grieve another loss this time of year, I am sure that in some way it will help see us through.

On behalf of my family, thanks to all those who have sent kind notes, good thoughts, and prayers his way. Very special thanks of course to the wonderful hospice team in Florida who provided such loving compassionate care to my grandfather and much needed support to everyone, especially my grandmother.


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