"This kid is active!" and other updates

As I have always been a good news before bad news believer...

OB Appointment ~

Dr. Van Dell exclaimed "this kid's active" while measuring the heart rate with the doppler. I wanted to shout back, "DUH!" but I somehow managed to control myself. Cash has been keeping me up a bit at night with all his/her squirming about, but really that is a good thing. I would rather have an active baby than be waiting around to feel those reassuring little movements. The rest of the appointment was pretty uneventful. They did a fingerstick to test for anemia and while I am not anemic, I have turned into a non-clotter! It seriously took almost 10 minutes for the bleeding to cease and desist and my finger is STILL a tiny bit sore - what's up with that!?!? The doctor shared some helpful hints to get to sleep and some foods to avoid to help manage my heartburn. Luckily the heartburn has eased up a bit - probably the result of some diet changes I have made. At the end of the visit I left with a circumcision release form (only if Cash is a boy!) and our PRE-ADMISSION PAPERWORK!!! I stared at the form and it is so surreal to think that we are turning in paperwork!??! My next appointment is December 26th...

Other Baby-related goings on~

We have officially figured out how to operate that car seat! (thanks Sandy and Sylvia!!!) I should take a photo, because we practiced strapping in my stuffed bear and he is currently still strapped in and ready to go for a ride. We have yet to tackle actually installing it however. I have a call into the town Police Department because they offer installation appointments to ensure safety. We both have the LATCH system in our car, but I know I would feel better if someone else at least inspected our handiwork before we bring the baby home.

Had my first complete stranger rub my belly - and I couldn't really say anything because it was in a professional situation. Family is one thing - but I didn't even know this person! She just rubbed away and said - "oh you're having a boy!" Maybe next time I will have the guts to rub the offender's belly back?

I continue to get a bit more uncomfortable at night. Steve has been my lifesaver! He came up with a nifty little pillow behind the back and preggo pillow in the front remedy that had me snoring in under 5 minutes - BLESS YOU STEVE!!! I have slept solidly through the night since the pillow intervention until at least 5AM!

Congrats to Steve!

He attended his company's annual awards and holiday party this afternoon and though he did not expect it he received a really wonderful award for "outstanding leadership and achievement!" I am SO incredibly proud of him!!!!

And the sad news....

The update on my Grandfather/Bob in Florida is that he has been moved (this afternoon) from the hospital to a 4-bed hospice facility in Orlando. I am told that the ride over was somewhat long and stressful and that he needed the mask on the way over. Last I heard he was settling into his room (very nice by all reports and private) and the crew were going to take a much needed break for a meal (their first since breakfast). My brother flew down this morning and it is unclear how long he will be staying. My parents still plan on returning North on Saturday at this point.

Please keep him in your thoughts - I will continue to update as information becomes available.


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