Under 30 days to go!

Steve sent me an email this morning to share with me that our little countdown now reads "29 days to go!" This is just unbelievable to us!!!

It has been quite an eventful week...

We had an enjoyable Christmas weekend split between the East and West side of the great Commonwealth of MA. We even got to see Sean, Courtney, Mike and Adrienne for a bit on Friday night, and Kathryn and Matt at Mass on Sunday, which was a special treat.

I was really uncomfortable on Monday night, had dreams that I was in labor, and woke up to some concerns on Tuesday. Luckily I had an OB appointment already scheduled for first thing in the morning so after showering and counting little fetal movements after a quick breakfast, we went warp speed to pack a bag JUST IN CASE and tossed it, a pillow, and my work stuff into the car. I figured if we had the bag we wouldn't need it and we didn't.

The doctor was not nearly as concerned as we were and told us that at this point they would not stop labor if it began - my response to this was to grab his arm and tell him and I quote "you are freaking me out!" He listened for baby's heartbeat and announced cheerily that it was "a regular baby" in there. We were instructed to call if the concerning things I noticed continued, which thankfully has NOT been the case. Phew. I have to go for a glucose test after lunch today, but that is unrelated to this incident. My next appointment is January 3rd and we will likely have weekly visits from here on in!

I have noticed a real change in my belly and am now feeling the baby on my left side, which is brand new. This guy or girl has always favored my right side. Movement has not slowed for the most part and you can now feel the baby moving appendages back and forth through my skin and not just adorable kicks. This is a very strange feeling. My belly is almost sore at the end of the day from all the movement. I began having some pain where my hip meets my leg - sharp and shooting pains. The first occurence of this was in Sean and Courtney's kitchen on Friday. =) It felt like I was losing my legs almost? It continued off and on both while standing and sitting over the weekend and yesterday morning I had a real sharp one while drying my hair that made me say "ow" loud enough to get Steve out of the shower. Can you say hypervigilance? Since Tuesday we have both been a bit on edge... BUT the silver lining of all of this is that we are now mentally in a place where we recognize that though it is unlikely, we could have this baby at any time. This is a very different way to think than "we are having this baby in 4 weeks." (4 weeks from Saturday is our due date!) Now that I have shared all of that, please remind us of how worried we were that we would go this early in February when I am begging to be induced! =)

I will admit that I did speed off into hyperdrive in my baby prep as a result of all this craziness. Who wouldn't?!?! We washed adorable little baby clothes, organized the baby's closet, put things away in the dresser, relocated a table to be the "changing table", reorganized the living room funriture to make more room for toys and visitors, amd are officially calling our second bedroom the baby's room. So much for taking it easy right? That mental switch from weeks to whenever really affects you!!

So what is Cash really up to this week???

... over 5 pounds
... 18 inches long
... not able to do flips in my belly anymore, but still just as active with kicks and punches
... kidneys check!
... liver check!
... most development is now complete, just putting on weight in this last few weeks~

Our big New Year's Eve plans include lobsters (NOT from the Sound!!!) and chocolate fondue at home. Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year!!!


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