This morning I received my baby.com weekly newsletter. I have been using that and my books to provide the updates about what is happening in the life of Cash. I typically receive this newsletter on Saturday - but never got one yesterday - instead it came this morning. The header usually reads "Your baby.com newsletter - xyz weeks" Today it read - "Your baby.com newsletter - newborn".

Luckily for them they added a short paragraph about how many women have not delivered at this point and that I am sure to meet my baby soon enough.

So today we are +1, with no real signs of anything happening imminently. Yesterday we slept in which was MUCH needed after my terrible night of sleep the previous day. I was actually able to sleep through most of the night. We headed up to Milford to the mall for some Panera lunch and surprise surprise more walking. While at Borders looking over home improvement books, I began to have really strong lower back pain that over a few short minutes began migrating around to my lower abdomen. It was intense and I could not concentrate on anything but the pain. We got a little excited - but I was determined to keep walking so we did a lap of Target before we left. I was trance-like, a very strange feeling, focused on one thing; getting to the door and out to the car. The pain started to subside as we got to the car and was completely gone halfway home. About an hour later I started pacing the living room and poof there it was again, just as strong. So I lay down on the couch because with real labor pain will continue with change of position or activity and the pain went away. That was Steve's suggestion and knowledge by the way- what a smartie. So our theory is that I walked myself into those pains.

We have no plans today, although I am sure at some point I will have Steve out somewhere walking with me.

We have our non-stress test tomorrow at the doctor's office at 8:00AM and I guess we will just go from there.

So things are status quo, we were hoping to have had some news, but for now are just supporting one another through what we have discovered is a very strange time. It is almost dreamlike and we feel like we have one foot in reality and the other in this strange unknown place.


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