Two days over with no end in sight.

We had our appointment this morning for our non-stress test and exam. They hooked us up to the heart monitor for about 30 minutes and I kid you not as SOON as the babe was strapped into the monitor it began kicking like crazy, which made us laugh, which made fun lines on the print out, which we later had to explain. I have been having strengthening Braxton Hicks contractions much more frequently, but of course, not today during those 30 minutes. ("Sure you are having those, umm hmmm")

The Dr. took my blood pressure immediately after discussing how they would induce at about 41.5 weeks (middle of NEXT week) and that was just NOT a good idea because it was like 110 over 90. After my exam he had me lie down for a bit (read 30 minutes in which my entire left side fell asleep) and took it again which resulted in a pretty normal reading. I was also feeling pretty icky this morning - afterall I have been up since 4am.

Exam findings (read at your own risk)

My exam revealed that I am still not dilated, BUT that I am 50% effaced. A lesson on effacement and what that is all about for those interested can be found here:


The baby's head is also about a half a centimenter from engaging in the pelvis.

So how do we feel about all this?

I was hoping that there would have been a little more (read - a LOT more) action detected at this appointment today. Between our daily walks to nowhere, the increase in discomfort, my inability (and therefore Steve's inability) to sleep, the pressure, the bloat... Well I have just about had it mentally, emotionally, and physically. AND we are ONLY 2 days over. Remember when the Dr changed my due date from February 3rd to January 27th - he clearly shouldn't have done that - because here I am... I get to see that Dr. on Thursday and I will literally have to dig my nails into my own hand to prevent myself from being rude on that note. =)

Dr. predicts that it will be 50-50 that I will go on my own and not need an induction next week. Can we talk about how I cannot imagine making it to next week, but that I know it is a possibility, a good one at this point, and how sad it makes me?

Steve continues to be an incredible support. I was feeling so icky and nauseated all morning and he was SO there for me. It was like looking into a window to the future because if he was that supportive of my phantom pukedom, he is going to a champ during labor. I am so lucky! I know he is just as frustrated as I am at this point.

I have also I think FINALLY coming to the realization that I am completely 100% NOT in control of this situation, that there is NOTHING I can do to move it along, to make it happen, to will it to happen in anyway and for a Type A girl like me - that is just plain old UNACCEPTBLE. Seems that this is a very valuable lesson for me to learn now before Cash comes and I really have no control. This also reveals that this kid is definitely like us, we are both SO incredibly stubborn, and clearly Cash is too. "What's the weather out there today? threat of snow???, ummmm... I'll pass."

So we wait - I am sure I will force yet another evening walk on Steve tonight to try to encourage the progression to continue. If nothing else the walks have at least become a bit routine, which is somehow comforting when we feel so out of control and so without direction right now.

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  1. Hang in there, you! We're tracking your progress out here!