Fours days over and counting...

Today I am home for my first babyless day of maternity time. I took a little cat nap after Steve left for work and then had some breakfast. The cat is not offering any love, affection, or consolation as she has taken up residence in the window sunning herself and clearly cannot be bothered that there is someone else here in the house today.

Brett sent me a text yesterday afternoon that read "Where's the kid?" Doesn't that just sum it up =)

So home today - mani/pedi at 1 to relax and because well I couldn't reach my toes now to care for them even if I wanted to - maybe a CVS run for more Tums...


  1. So I decided.
    Today or Sunday.
    Today - a girl - because it's a mani/pedi day.
    Sunday - a boy - because it's Super Bowl Sunday.

    That's my thoughts and I'm sticking to it!

  2. I will have to agree with your SIL on her thoughts. But I am still hoping for the girl!!