We had our 2-minute OB appointment yesterday afternoon, which left me feeling, well, quite edgy actually. I know that it is a GOOD thing that the appointment was quick, that is means that everything is going well, and that there aren't any concerns, but at this point I guess I just expected more than blood pressure, weight, urine check, and the doppler. When you are NEARLY 39 weeks pregnant you almost want someone to take your hand and say "you have done well, this baby is coming soon, you are ready, and I promise this will end."

I can't really complain. After all wasn't it just a few weeks ago that I was typing away about how much I love being pregnant. Don't get me wrong! I do love it. I love the secret little world that Cash and I share, I love feeling those reassuring kicks, I love putting my hand on my belly and knowing that just beneath the surface of that stretched out skin is an adorable little hybrid of Steve and I. What I can do without is the back pain, the lack of sleep, the painful kicks to the ribs, the general sense of uncomfortableness, my inability to eat a full meal, and the fatigue that makes me want a nap as soon as I come home from work. So I have turned the corner here and there is no going back. I am READY - Please Cash be ready too?!?!?

Remember that little convo I had with Cash about needing to stay in there just a bit longer to get stronger. I had the same discussion again last night, only this time it was more like "Cash, you done good kiddo, you are strong enough, I know this is a scary place out here, but we want to show you all of it--- soooo anytime you're ready!"

My feeble and pathetic attempt to engage the doctor in discussion about when he thinks this might happen failed miserably.

Me: So will I see you next week?
Doc: Maybe, oh no wait, I am not on next week, but maybe on the weekend

He either missed my point - I don't care if I will see you! I want to know if you think I will make it back here next week for the next appointment! - OR he heard me loud and clear, but refused to make a judgement on my progression.

The heartbeat sounded wonderful and strong and his estimate for those involved in the pool is that Cash will enter this world weighing 7 lbs 11oz. (holy god!) Cash's head is according to the Doc "getting down there."

Other goings on..
...Woke up at 5 this morning... alternated staring at crack above closet door and watching Steve's blue tooth blink until almost 7
... Reese, having been properly outfitted with claw protectors, is now banned from our bedroom at night in preparation for Cash's arrival and makes no attempt to enter our room, scratch at the door, or cry... we are greeted each morning with all her little toy mice and even a milk bottle cap which she gathers throughout the night and brings to our door
... it snowed here last night - first snow we have had since living here - the commute was FANTASTIC =(
... we are signing the purchase and sale for the house at lunchtime today (YAY!!!!!)


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