Last night after work we did go to Home Depot for a bit. We admired shiny Kenmore appliances, gazed up at shiny light fixtures, found our existing cabinets so that we can now remodel the kitchen without replacing ALL the cabinetry (YAY!), debated the merits of faucets both with and without attached spray nozzles, and just as we were on our way to flooring my father called. Simultaneously I began to feel pressure and I mean PRESSURE in my lower abdomen. I was barely able to talk to him, let alone look at the tile that Steve was checking out. It was not painful - but man the pressure...
We were about to leave the store when we realized that one of our smoke detectors needs a new battery. Now normally we wouldn't stress about it - especially since there are THREE in our condo - but since we want to be responsible parents (blah blah blah) we picked up the 9V and were on our way. Look at Cash already making an impact. =)
I am still feeling some pressure today, though thankfully not as strong as Home Depot, just more like a dull achy feeling that never quite goes away. Strong Braxton Hicks contractions continue as well lasting between 1 -3 minutes. Cash hasn't been as active today either and I actually stayed in bed on my left side AFTER my breakfast just to make sure s/he was still moving. (Paranoid, who me?) It took some gentle pushes and prods to get a kick out of the little one, but there they were! S/he is likely just squished in there and not able to move. This makes me wonder about me phobia of being confined - I hate the idea of having a blanket over my head, or not being able to move.
So we are planning on walking again tonight - not sure where - but somewhere warm and open that we can just sort of get lost in for awhile.
In light of that last photo from the horrible angle of my photographer husband lounging on couch, I asked that he take another photo for week 39 yesterday afternoon. Let this be a lesson to women everywhere - photos taken from below are NOT flattering. I look much less hippo-like in this photo. I am not quite turned as much to the side (which I am sure makes me look a bit more svelte) but the belly is definitely dropping. =)

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  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    This baby is coming!!! Matthew stopped moving the day I went into labor :) I"m sticking by my bet that you will be having this baby in the next 24 hours! :) Good Luck

    Liz :)