I love you smushy face!

Yesterday afternoon was our ultrasound and it was nothing short of amazing!

I cannot think of another thing on Earth that gives me butterflies, makes me feel so proud, or that inspires such awe as seeing Cash on a screen... I am sure I will feel that way times 100 when we get to meet him or her in a few weeks. I am just thrilled by the sight of feet and hands flashing by on a screen now, but I feel confident they will have nothing on the real thing. =)

So what did we learn?

Cash is still head down (yay!), with the head just to the right of my pelvis. His or her back is facing the left, so it is kind of like Cash is laying on his or her left side. No surprises here, baby's feet are lodged way over to the right under my ribs.

Baby is very "reactive." I was corrected after saying baby was interactive, which clearly implied that the baby was responding specifically to us and our touch, which the sonographer must have found hysterical.

We watched Cash open and close his or her eyes and look left and right without moving his or her head (anyone else getting as sick of reading his or her as I am of typing it!) =) This eye movement is evidence of "excellent muscle development and control."

Baby has HAIR and what appears to be LOTS of it =) She had Steve touch my belly to move the amniotic fluid around and you could see it move in the liquid - which I have to admit KIND OF reminded me of some biology book where they show you the paramecium's cilia. just saying.

It was nothing short of a miracle on screen - how dramatic of me - but really, there are almost no words. Thinking back to being in that SAME room and seeing that first tiny little blip of Cash's heart beating on the screen and now seeing a fully developed heart pumping away in a fully formed rib cage of "appropriately dense bones," seeing its eyes opening and closing, its fully formed fist behind its head, its perfect little humerus (upper arm bone)... Nature has done its job. There is a "ready to come out and breathe on its own baby" in my belly.

Cash's estimated weight from this scan is 6 lbs 9 ounces and according to the doctor we met with everything looks WONDERFUL. Is there another phrase someone can say that has the ability to make your heart soar like that?

As we are about 38 weeks - here is what Cash is up to during this 38th week...

... weighs between 6.5 to 7 pounds (we are on target!)
... between 19 and 21 inches long
... has a firm grasp
... organs are fully developed and in place EXCEPT the brain and lungs which will continue to mature throughout CHILDHOOD

Without further ado... the latest photos of Cash, with some helpful photo descriptors below...

1st photo - labeled "kiss" - Cash's face is right up against the wall of the uterus and when she moved the wand across its face it gave this squishy appearance almost as if he/she is pressing their face up against a window - you can make out the eyes, nose and mouth which look clownlike because they are being squished =)

2nd photo - labeled "hair" - This is Cash's head - the white around the head is HAIR!!!!

3rd photo - unlabeled - Cash's gorgeous delicious foot! Look at that bone structure =) I think that is the cord in the background

4th photo - labeled "Knees" - Cash's knees are all bent up in there - actually located near his/her elbows - baby is resting one knee and one elbow on each other =)


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