A New Cousin!!!

Though we have no news to report on Cash, Steve's cousin who was due on January 6th had her baby, a girl, on Saturday morning! Welcome baby Abigail~

We had a pretty relaxing weekend at home, with lots and lots of football and the 4-hour premiere of 24 of course... I was off yesterday and spent much of the day lounging and napping, but poor Steve had to work.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I have been sleeping better the last few nights than I was at the end of last week. I have only been getting up a few times each night and not on the hour as had been the case for a few nights in a row--- miserable I tell you. Perhaps it is my new pillow configuration?

Baby is feeling a bit lower making walking somewhat challenging, but I won't take that as a sign of anything crazy happening anytime in the NEAR future. This low feeling seems to come and go. Hiccups continue and I feel them in my lower right abdomen, near my pelvis. This puts Cash's head still over in that direction too. I am also beginning to think that the earliest we will meet Cash is February... just a hunch...

So last night while talking to Cash who had the hiccups AGAIN while I was trying to fall asleep and calling him/her "Cashy" (as in "oh Cashy, not now! Mommy is tired!") Steve asked what we were going to do about naming this baby because he/she really is Cash to us (or some variation of Cash).

Cash, Cashy, Cashola, Cashina, Cash Money, his or her royal Cashness

Sure Cash will have a REAL name, but will we use it????


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