That's right - that counter above this post REALLY reads 9 days to go!!!

Not to be too Dick Clark about this - but I do feel like screaming the countdown from the roof...

So here I go... NINE

single digits - with a baby due NEXT WEEKEND?!?!

I have a doctor's appointment later this afternoon. There is nothing special planned for this visit I don't think, just a weight check, a urine sample, and some discussion about how perfect little Cash is doing I hope.

I think the feet have migrated more towards the north as I am feeling kicks to my ribs which were previously felt in my side. Sometimes it looks like the baby has dropped and other times it doesn't. It seems to depend on the time of day (after a long day I can singlehandedly prove that gravity exists!) and what I am wearing. The top I have on today actually makes me look a lot smaller than the pink number I have on in the post below. So maybe some more pictures are in order =)

I continue to feel more pressure and yesterday had a short period of time (before Steve got home from work) that I had a pretty strong and lengthy contraction. I didn't panic though - which afterwards was reassuringly shocking - I just lay down on my side like "the book" says to and it went away not long thereafter. Clearly this was not labor, but I think it is safe to say that my body is getting ready =)

OH and my dream last night - I had this WILD dream that we had the baby (I don't know if it was a boy or girl though because it was wearing white!) and I was repositioning the baby in my arms which resulted in me SOMEHOW hitting its head against something. This of course caused it to BLEED profusely from the scalp. Steve matter-of-factly stated that the baby's skin was probably very sensitive because the baby had been in fluid for 9 months. So what's a new Mom to do with a baby bleeding badly from the head? Ask for a PAPER TOWEL of course - yes, you read right - head wounds clearly require "the quicker picker upper." Dear lord... I am sure this is just my subconcious reminding me that as ready as I feel, deep down I am pretty nervous about caring for this new baby, but a PAPER TOWEL???


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