Typing "one" made me instantly burst into song in my head - "One, singular sensation, every little move she makes." I suppose silly things like that are bound to happen when you are one day from being due and you got exactly 4.5 hours of sleep the previous evening. Yup. I slept SOLID from 10ish to 2:30, when I woke up and realized out of NOWHERE that I had provided the grandfolks with directions from 95 North and NOT 95 South - OY!!!! Then I realized that I had mistakenly gone the other way off the exit once and had encountered a man being chased by a pit bull in the street. Double OY! Perhaps I was dreaming about the ride to the hospital - wishful thinking. I made a mental note to send corrected directions today and attempted to fall back asleep, but no dice.

So I got up and sent the email (after discovering sleeping kitty in THE BABY'S ROOM!) with corrected directions thinking that surely with this task off my plate I could fall back into peaceful slumber. NOPE. At about 3:30 I gave up and went into the living room to read for a bit. I read about 50 pages of Glass Castle and would have just kept on reading (as it was not making me tired in the least) if it had not been for senor or senorita Cash Money who decided it was playtime. THEN I began to have Braxton Hicks contractions about every 15 minutes and they were really uncomfortable, but not painful. For a moment I thought, is this it? Is it changing? But I was able to talk through them and they didn't actually hurt all that much so I figured this wasn't the time afterall, but I would be more comfortable in bed. So at a quarter to 5 I piled back under the sheets and attempted to find a comfy way to lay and kept timing those Braxton Hicks just to pass the time. The last time I opened my eyes the clock read 5:34. The alarm went off at 6:40 and here I am, though I was a MAJOR grumpus this morning, which I am very sorry for since Steve has been so supportive and attentive this week.

Steve wakes up everytime I move, everytime I voice my discontent, everytime I breathe loudly next to him. He even sits up in bed momentarily wide awake when I exit our bed to once again race to the loo. It is a race that I have been winning thus far, but by god my bladder is catching up to my legs and it is getting VERY close! I know how lucky I am to have such a supportive and caring person watching over me, even when he is sleeping!

The first thing I saw when I logged onto my computer this morning was a reminder I set up in Outlook MONTHS ago -

"Cashew! Due in 18 hours"

I don't even recall setting the reminder. I mean c'mon who is going to just forget that they are due tomorrow?

"Oh is that tomorrow? I had completely forgotten?"
"Steve, I just got a reminder - did you realize that we are due tomorrow??"
"Holy crap I'm having a kid on Saturday?"

Clearly there was no reason to have the reminder, but I now have it reminding me every two hours because I am somehow hoping that the reminders will get me through today.

So what has been happening -
...lots of Braxton Hicks - though less now that I am at work of course pretty active again overnight and this morning
...pressure is more constant, almost like "hey are my pants too tight?" (which by the way they are) but no it is just this constant pressure feeling in my lower abdomen
...almost wore one of Steve's sweaters that is about 8 sizes too big for me today as it is subartic out there today and I own exactly ZERO maternity sweaters

So - we are still waiting - and hopefully Monday won't come around again without Cash making his or her debut - but stranger things have happened and we are going to get through it --- one way or another this baby will be with us soon and THAT is enough to get me through for now

As a matter of public opinion is it BAD that I nearly threw my water bottle at an elderly volunteer who comes in to help out with office tasks when she arrived this morning and said

"Oh Kerri, you're still here?" followed by peals of glass shattering l-a-u-g-h-t-e-r?????

I really think it would have been justifiable - and exactly HOW does one appropriately and professionally respond to such a statement when inside you are SEETHING!!!


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