Seven...Six... Five

...and then there were FIVE!

Five days to go until Saturday... I can't quite figure if we will stop the count early, if we will go in on time, or if I will begrudgedly be posting "+3 days" posts complete with snarky photos of one really annoyed post due date mom to be. By the way, can you believe how far along the little ticker up above the baby is!?!? UNREAL!!! =)

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday... Went to dinner and then WALKED around a local mall with Steve for a bit. We had a whole mall, full of shops and the only things we were interested in looking at were Mini DV cassettes at Target and appliances at Sears. You should have seen how excited we were to dive into the realm of fridges and dishwashers. =) We are officially old and married AND it was GREAT!

Saturday... I SLEPT ALL NIGHT ON FRIDAY STRAIGHT THROUGH TO 7AM!!! The baby must have been feeling guilty about getting me up so much all night long and took a break from putting pressure on my bladder. =) Colleen drove down from Boston and stopped briefly en route to NYC for a friend's birthday celebration. My parents arrived at precisely the same moment. We drove the rents down by the Sound in Westport to look at the McMansions and estates, then up 95 a few exits TO OUR NEW HOUSE (complete with sale pending sign and all). Then it was off to another local mall for some more walking, where I began to feel more intense pressure, but for some reason never alerted anyone. I guess I don't want to cry wolf and I am quite certain that if my mother heard something MIGHT be happening that she would have literally walked me around that mall until I went into labor. =) She has the best of intentions and as you will read later, perhaps the walking was a big help afterall? So for that I say THANK YOU MOM!

Sunday... Slept most of the night again! Realizing that this could be our last weekend lounging and sleeping in, we once again had breakfast in bed and watched silly TV until almost noon! Colleen stopped en route from the city to Boston. Hearing her fun stories about her evening made us a bit nostalgic for the good ol' days - especially when we realized that her level of fun was akin to our Kenmore fridge evening on Friday. =) Literally the only thing we did on Sunday was grocery shop and watch football. I had NO ENERGY at all, probably because I had done so much walking Friday and Saturday? I think the only thing worse than seeing the Pats lose is watching Steve go from "We're going to the Superbowl" to "I think I am going to be sick" in less than 20 minutes.


MAYBE?? I think we MAY have some action happening at this point, probably due to the walking we did over the weekend. (Again, thank you Mom!) I seem to be experiencing some "prelabor symptoms," not all that frequent, but sort of lingering just under the surface if that makes any sense? Also - the break in the frequent trips to the loo was just a break - I was up at least three times again last night.

Without getting into ALL the details - I have some signs - some cramping, but only low and in the front, shortness of breath (baby moves down and create more space for lungs to expand), extreme fatigue (change in energy level one way or another) being the most pleasant ones I can list here. =)

I guess what throws me (and many first time moms) is that I wonder how we will know when REAL labor is starting and what to do when that happens. Clearly I will know right? Will I know because I am unable to stand and find myself pounding on a wall in agony or will I be uncomfortable begging for a tennis ball back rub? So for that I am relying on the grandmothers to be. I spoke to my mother this morning and she seems to think that things are getting underway, but that the changes I am noticing don't necessary mean anything quite yet. So perhaps this evening after work Steve and I will take a little trip to Home Depot or something to walk some more before dinner. I could go to the gym, you know that place we pay money each month to keep ourselves active, but the thought of getting on an elliptical now just isn't all that appealing to me.

So it looks like there will be a "Four" post --- for now at least...

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  1. Pam Majewski8:46 PM

    Walking worked for me. Before Erin was born we hiked around a lake, had wine (yes in those days) and cheese. Came home and took a nap on the couch thinking I was going to be PG forever- 15 days late!
    Woke up and went to the bathrm and had a "show"; then cramping that eventually made us go to the hospital. When it was imminent we had to go Mr. M said "wait I think I should have a sandwich 1st" !
    Good luck!