Under 20 days?!?

According to the little countdown we have 19 days until our due date!

As we approach the big day - I will try to update this more regularly... I seem to have a lot to say about all this baby whoo haa lately =)

Car Seat

So I posted a bit ago that we installed the car seat base into my car after our little scare. While watcthing an episode of that show "Bringing Home Baby," we were shocked to see a new father unable to get the seat to work properly for over THIRTY minutes!? (sidebar - he was an ENGINEER! Sorry Greg, but this guy did nothing to elevate your profession...) The nurse wouldn't let the couple take their new little bundle home until it was correct (and rightly so!) and they had to leave the baby at the hospital until they figured out how to work the seat properly! Steve made a good point, why did Mom have to leave the baby - she could have stayed while the husband went to fix the seat? That didn't make sense to us. Regardless, I digress.

Within minutes of the show ending we were out in the parking lot snapping our seat in and releasing it from the base just to be sure we won't be "those parents." =) It was SO easy and even the little bubble that tells you if it is level and placed properly was perfectly centered without any fiddling. I am sure that the officer at the police department checking our seat on Wednesday night will be tres impressed with our handiwork.

(Cue cheesy music - emotional mother-to-be commentary follows)

So I drove around yesterday with an infant seat in my car, which was a very strange feeling. I kept looking back while stopped at lights and in my rear view (not that I could see anything!), half expecting to hear a whimper or an adorable little baby gurgle. At first I thought - "I need to get this seat out of the car when I get home, there is no reason for it to be in here already." Then I started thinking about how "right" it felt to have it in the car with me, how normal it seemed, and this made me realize that I am ready to be a Mom. I know that I should be pretty ready at this point, but there are moments when I feel distinctly ready and this was one of those moments.

Notable Ready-to-be-a-Mom moments

...Entering Marshalls and going directly to the baby section (in search of Red Sox apparel for young Cashola - which I found, much to Dad-to-be's delight!) without even thinking about what cute things I might be able to wear soon
...Evenings lounging on the couch spent rubbing my belly not because my belly needs rubbing, but because I want to be as close to Cash as I can be
...The care I take to choose special songs to play Cash through the IPOD - songs like Billy's Lullaby
...Stirring soup wondering if Cash will like the minestrone better than last week's chicken chowder
...Pouring over the first few chapters of "What to Expect the First Year" and not feeling overwhelmed, but elated
... Gazing into the "empty for now" crib and having panic be replaced by absolute contentment

So now we are in the business of being ready - physically, mentally, and emotionally - and we are... and it is a wonderful feeling...


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