Your Weekly Cash Flash

Saturday marked 36 weeks for Cash. At the conclusion of this week that means that the baby will be considered FULL TERM! Check out the chubby little cheeks in that artistic rendering of a 36 week-old fetus! =)

Happy 2007!
Steve and I enjoyed a quiet night at home on NYE. We cooked up lobsters, clam chowder, and chocolate fondue. It was different to be at home and just us, but it was actually very peaceful and special. Cash even tasted a sip of champagne or two as midnight approached. As we sat and watched the coverage of Times Square we were struck by two things...

1. What a year 2006 was, with so much change and excitement...
2. There doesn't seem to be ANYTHING appealing about being in Times Square on NYE

Some highlights of our holiday weekend~ (besides lots of much needed zzzzzzz)

Friday night
...The Good Shepherd (excellent but very long)

...watched the BC bowl game, went to IKEA, got all the must have baby stuff for the nursery (just in case items like bottles and such), and oh yeah - put an offer on a house

... continued negotiations on the house, LOTS of football, installed the car seat base, watched The Last Kiss (we liked it)

... lazy rainy day, got word that we got the house - the inspection is this Friday! (wish us luck!)

Hope this doesn't jinx things, but here is our family's potential new home as of May 2007!

Today was my weekly Cash check-up. Baby's heartbeat sounded good and Mom-to-be's blood pressure was normal too. (I will never tire of listening to that little gallop on the doppler!) She palpated my belly and explained the baby's position; head down and face up. (Please stay that way!) She started showing me where various parts were and I could only think of Joe Pesce in Goodfellas, "look a wing!" She also estimates that the baby is about 6 pounds! This is right on target with my books and certainly within the normal range. I only gained a pound this week, which was terrific given the scary number I saw at my appointment last week - yikes - all that holiday eating really took a toll!!! I have my next appointment on the 11th and they will do an ultrasound for sizing at that appointment - so we get another little preview of Cash - yay!!!

Here is what Cash is up to this week...

... about 6 pounds

... almost 19 inches long
... gaining about an ounce a day!
... shedding the lanugo (downy hair that covered the body) and vernix (creamy mixture that protected the skin in the amniotic fluid)


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