Green Poo??

Oh the joys of motherhood -

I wrote a bit back that our precious girl has thrush in her mouth - a very common yeast infection easily treated with antibiotics or as I recently learned - dish soap - who knew!?!?!

On Sunday night she was inconsolable after her 8pm ish feeding (please note the exact timing when working with a newborn, everything is ISH) and after 4 hours of rocking, shhing, swinging, and pacificying she finally slept. We even took her temp and must have changed her dipe about 80 times. Clearly something was not right with our little angel who turned into fussy baby literally overnight. I kept reassuring Steve that THIS was in fact what most new parents cope with and that if nothing else it should make us all the more grateful for the chreub we have been gifted.

We deduced that as her thrush was still looking quite present on her poor little tongue that I should phone the pediatrician anyway for follow-up. The only additional change we could note that might explain the shift from the good side to the dark side is what I will only describe here as icky poo. Let's just leave it at icky...

Her belly has been rumbling, she has been very gassy and oh yeah the poo has a green tinge to it - lovely.

SO - off we went to the pediatrician yesterday. The most comedic moment of the visit was standing in the waiting room wondering if we should sit on the well or the sick side of the wall. We sat in sick in case you were wondering. The doc told us the good news first - the thrush was not as bad as I thought it was, in fact it was almost gone, and she directed a new application method which has already in just two applications shown improvement. SIDEBAR - Thanks to Jen for the thrush remedy recipe - I am planning on mixing up a batch Mr. Wizard style and getting her mouth all clean through the powers of Joy dishwashing soap, water, and a bit of baking soda =) We will alter that ph yet!!!

The bad news is that the green poo indicates that I drowning our poor daughter at feedings, who knew!?!? She weighed 8lbs 7 oz with her clothes so she is clearly gaining, but according to the doc she is only getting the first milk and not the second (google it - there are two kinds of milk)and this is giving her the green poo and contibuting to her overall fussiness as she is gassy and burpy as a result of the feeding. SO we have some things to try - but hopefully her and I can figure out the feeding thing and get her back on the road of perfect angel in no time.

I am confident that I will get excellent information and support at the Mom's group today as well, which coincidentally occurs in the office that the pediatrician suggested I call for support.

Caroline is also gearing up for her FIRST ROAD TRIP this weekend to MA for her "coming out party" at Kiki and Poppa's house. The only way to calm her during diaper changes is to talk to her continuously - I could sing - but I fear that would result in MORE crying and I hate those crocodile tears of hers! So I tell her about all the wonderful people that are coming to meet her - and how much fun it will be. I am trying to not be too overwhelmed with the traveling aspect and being out of our element for a couple days - though I had already begun scheming ways to pack the swing - don't worry I have come to the realization that infant seat makes an excellent substitute swing in a pinch. If only it could swing itself????

Who are all of you?????

We keep hearing that people are reading this blog, but Steve and I are still convinced that the same 5 people - including the two of us - make up the 3600 or so hits.

So if you are reading this - even if just to check in on the latest photos of her via the link up there in the left hand corner - post a comment and let us know.

We are interested to see just how many adoring fans our little diva has out there.


I know I know... I have been a total slacker and this site has not been updated in quite some time. While there is absolutely NO way I can possibly post a daily update as I had been doing - I should be able to do at least two a week. So that is my plan for now - we'll see how it goes. =)

The photos will continue to be updated as often as possible -

just another reminder

you can view all of Caroline's photos by clicking on her adorable photo in the upper left hand corner

Lest you think I have been lounging around on the sofa eating bon bons and ignoring the blog, here is a quick little run down of all the goings on since I last posted. Settle in - this post is going to be wordy and incredibly L-O-N-G

Wednesday - we attended a mom's group in Stratford with Jen and Caroline's new friend Ryan. Thanks for the invite Jen - not only was it exciting to get out of the house with her and spend time with other moms - but it was great to finally meet your little one (he's ADORABLE everyone! so smiley and happy!) and spend some time with you!

Thursday - Ashley came over in the afternoon once her classes were over and she spent some time with Caroline. It was so great to see her and since she is only 5 minutes up the road (literally - it took her 5 minutes to get here!) we hope to see much much more of her!!

Friday - Kiki and Poppa came down from MA. Steve and I utilized their help to go to dinner sans baby and even caught a movie (Borat - hysterical - we loved it!). While it was STRANGE to be without her - even for a few hours - we are both so glad to have had that time. We split a pitcher of BEER (whoopie!!!) at dinner - a truly extraordinary experience. Though much of our conversation still consisted of Caroline related items - and we may or may not be guilty of looking at photos of her on our cell phones pre movie wait time - it was nice to be just us for those couple hours. Kiki and Poppa did a bang up job and are definitely hired for future babysitting =)

Saturday - Kiki and Poppa had stayed local overnight - the three hour ride would be a bit much don't you think - so we got to spend some extra time with them in the morning. Kiki gave Caroline a bath in her tub and SHE LOVED IT. Someone please explain to me how it is that the last bath she had on Thursday with me was an absolute nightmare complete with poopy bathwater - eww gross is right - yet she was as calm as can be for her Kiki --- Kiki has the touch man - how do I get this touch????? Tasha and Tony arrived from PA around noontime to visit with Caroline. Kiki and Poppa prepared some lunch for everyone - how incredibly generous and WONDERFUL of them. We spent the afternoon catching up with Tasha and Tony - watching college basketball of course. It was so nice to see them and so wonderful of them to drive all the way up for an afternoon...

Sunday - that's today right? Well - we had an eventful Saturday into Sunday as we woke her up for her last feeding at 11:15 and then moved her from our room where she has been sleeping in a FANTABULOUS bassinet which has ROCKED OUR WORLD (seriously - everyone needs to get this pack n play with bassinet and changer attached - it was so convenient and utterly brilliant- THANKS AGAIN TO LISA AND KELLY!!!!) into her own room and crib.

Here is how it went down --- We had been toying with the idea of moving her since mid week. She is only getting up once in the middle of the night and then again early in the morning usually around when Steve is going to be waking up. We decided to wait until Saturday night when we would have all Sunday to rest in case it wasn't an easy night/transition. On Saturday night I fed her and burped her and then after DAYS of discussing how we really should move her I didn't want her to go. There was this moment of hesitation (JUST A MOMENT!) on my part, BUT we did it!!!

We put her down in her crib and ran back to our room where we sat glued to the video monitor for about 10 minutes (hysterical!), watching her kick her little legs and fuss a bit. We took turns for about 30 minutes comforting her and then she was out... She was REALLY REALLY OUT! We woke up at 4:45 - nearly 6 hours after her last meal and she was STILL asleep. We woke her up to feed her because well- we didn't know what to do - she had never slept THAT long before. In the future we aren't going to wake her - but WOW! 6 hours!!!! Who knows how long she would have slept for????? She went right back to sleep and was down until 9!!!!

The eventful day does not stop there folks - oh NO! - After lunch we dressed her up in some layers - got out the fantastic stroller and went strolling! Where did we stroll you ask?? STARBUCKS of course for some coffee and cocoa. How did it go? She slept the whole time - the WHOLE time. From the moment we put her in the stroller until the moment we took her out. So what if she booted on herself when we took her out - the key is that she DIDN'T boot during her stroll... It was really nice to get out like that as a family, but you should have seen us carrying the stoller UP the stairs at Starbucks so we could sit down and drink our outrageously overpriced but delish hot bevs. Yeah - that was interesting, but we were not going to be deterred from enjoying our little afternoon...

As I type this - Caroline is fast asleep in her crib - where she has been since we got home around 2pm. We continue to fall more and more in love with her each and every minute of each passing day (if that's possible?). She is beginning to develop an incredible little personality and her little face and pretty still blue eyes are becoming more and more expressive. Speaking of eyes, there is eye contact - real eye contact all the time - and we have seen more and more smiles - though they are still completely coincidental. She holds your hand or the bottle while she eats and she can hold her own pacifier in her mouth. She'll even put it back in if it slips out. Caroline has been showing excellent head control too! We have to almost force her to put her head on our shoulder when we burp her as she a bit of a head butter and in photos she seems to almost always be looking up at us. She didn't need her infant seat for her stroll because of her excellent head control, though we will definitely use it when we need the stroller after a car ride so we don't have to move the sleeper. Caroline is in a word wonderful. We can't wait for people to meet her next week at her big coming out party!

She is three weeks old today - three weeks - in some ways it feels like she just arrived and in others it feels like we have known her for much MUCH longer. Happy 3 week birthday little one...


How could I neglect to mention the biggest news from the weekend?!?!?!?!

Auntie Colleen and Greg made the trip down from Boston to spend Saturday with Caroline! Though it was just a few days ago - somehow it feels like eons ago!?!

It was so nice of them to drive all the way here for the sole purpose of showering our little girl with affection. Auntie gave Caroline her last sponge bath - and did a great job - though Caroline did not exactly think so and let her feelings be known quite loudly. We drove up to the new house and then had lunch in downtown Fairfield with the babe in tow. She slept through the whole thing which was especially impressive given the loud live music!

Their visit totally made our whole weekend... come back soon!!!!!

Chubby cheeks...

Yesterday was Caroline 2 week visit to the pediatrician. We aren't exactly sure what is happening with the pediatrician because we have yet to meet with the doctor we originally met way back when we were selecting a doctor. That being said, we really like her doctor! He is a really nice person, very laid back, always compliments her "nice features" and tells us she could be in baby ads (does he say this to everyone?), and asks the smart questions about the parents that he should be asking. He asked us what we did for work, what my plans were about returning to work, how close our family and friends are, and even how my mood is. He may be Caroline's doctor, but he always asks questions of us to check in on how we are acclimating to her and then compliments us on our maturity (!!!) and the "excellent" job we are doing with our little girl. Even if he doesn't mean it - even if he is just saying it to keep our spirits up and self doubt away - we always leave the doctor feeling like super parents =) and coincidentally he gets a whole person perspective on her life - her medical stuff is one thing, but he now knows what kind of life she has at home - when dad gets home - that we are pretty much on our own down here with constant support of our families just from a distance - and that I am feeling happy and if anything post partum is happening it is that I am just so happy all the time - though a little isolated during the days...

So how was the visit?

She is 7 lbs 11 oz!!! and she grew 1/4 of an inch. That puts her in the 25th percentile for weight, the 75th for height, and her head measured at 50th percentile. Her thrush is starting to clear up and the Doctor said she is doing excellent! She had her first of three Hep B vaccines too. THAT was tough. They stuck her right in the thigh with a pretty big needle and I wish I had the video camera - she was silent with the most pained look on her face and then she SCREAMED bloody murder until I picked her up and she was instantly silent. Now if there is ever a moment that makes you realize you are a parent this has to be it - she was so distressed and yet just having me pick her up was enough to make her calm as could be. It felt great to be such a source of comfort to her. =)

Nana visits!

My mother was down yesterday for the day to visit with Caroline and to help me get her to her appointment. Marybeth also traveled down for the morning to meet her, which was so nice of her! After the appointment we went to lunch with Steve and then the girls hit the supermarket for dinner. Nana got to spend some great quality time with an more alert by the day baby Caroline.

Today's agenda

I am about to go feed her, I am already showered and dressed!, then we are doing some laundry, having lunch (both of us), and then hopefully heading out to the store to pick up a couple things and just get out of the house. She is still sleeping the morning away right now - I am hoping to wake her up enough to get her some tummy time later.

Notes on Caroline


Her little personality is starting to develop and we are beginning to see little reoccuring behaviors. She does this thing when you burp her where she reaches her left (!) arm out like she is reaching for something or someone. Her forehead is incredibly expressive with its little wrinkles and she raises her eyebrows ALL the time. Caroline is still crying when we change her diaper, but now there are TEARS, which make me want to cry. When she wakes up to eat she fusses a bit and then when she gets onto my lap she becomes SUPER CUTE GIRL - making adorable faces (and ok foaming at the mouth a bit too!) that make you want to feed her immediately. Since she lost her belly button we have the go ahead for a real bath - hopefully to be done later with Steve because that might be too much for me to do on my own for the first time? Caroline is also getting more touchy feely and will reach up and grab your hair, your shirt, your nose, your mouth, etc. She has no idea what she is touching, but she is trying so hard to connect through touch. The best though - the absolute best - is that she is looking at us. These are still generally quick glances, but there are times that she holds our gaze and it is those moments that absolutely melt us. I loved watching her look right at Steve last night - with recognition and interest - and he loved looking right back...

Inny or Outtie??

Early this morning at ohhhh about 3:30 when she roused the house demanding both attention and a meal, I dutifully checked Caroline's diaper and discovered it needed changing. As soon as I opened up the dirty dipe her belly buton literally fell off into my hand - thankfully not into the pile of poo - and I woke Steve to share the news. The belly button is still very much healing and there are some small remnants around the area that still need to finish healing before they too will fall off. So the jury is still out on the inny outie business, but by the initial look of it - we appear to have an inny =)

I saved the umbilcal stump - Steve wants to put it into her book, I think photos or video will suffice just fine - and I pondered the significance of this event many hours later as she lay on her changing table delighted again with the sleeves of her fuzzy sleeper. I took a short little video with the stump in my hand and I had a moment after I put the camera down. This gross icky stump is the final remains of our physical connection from her time in "belly land" (a happy warm place where kicking is apparently not only strongly encouraged, but required for residence). Don't get me wrong, I am pysched that it fell off because it was starting to look a little green and gross (all normal) and it made diaper changes a bit more challenging, not to mention that it means it has healed well etc. There is a teeny tiny little piece of my heart that is sad that it is gone though and that I can only hold it in my hand. This was afterall how I provided her with oxygen, nutrients, and everything else she needed to get here. In a sad way this is kind of like her first step away from me and my care - though she is still totally dependent on us for every little thing - it is serving as a gentle reminder that this time we have now is special and a gift and so short lived...

Caroline is sleeping beside me right now in her Moses basket, looking perfectly angelic and at peace. When she sleeps like this I like to imagine what it is she is dreaming about - I mean she can't exactly see very well to have intense dreams about the world around her can she... I wonder if she dreams of Belly Land. I wonder if she misses it.

Just yesterday as we approached feeding time Caroline was a wee bit fussy. I put her on my lap on the pillow I use for nursing and she instantly quieted, stuck her little thrush covered tongue out just a bit, and her eyes lit up like the 3rd of July. SHE KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING?! She knew that this was lunch. She has begun reaching her hands out more and initiating contact by grabbing onto anything she can get her hands on (including clothing, sensitive body parts, and Daddy's mouth). Her eyes are beginning to focus more and more and she is actually looking at faces now and not past them to the walls behind. (no direct eye contact yet!) It is just amazing to be in her presence and an absolute privledge to watch her change each day...


It is so cold outside! The wind sounds so fierceand it rattles the windows! Though us girls wouldn't really know considering we haven't ventured out of doors yet since Tuesday. That may all change in an hour or so as I want to get out and pick up a couple things downtown. We'll bundle up and see what happens!

Please note that you can now access the Picasa Gallery of Caroline via the photo in the upper left hand corner. Handy huh?? This will also save Mom lots of time because I won't have to post photos in both places - Look at that! Found time!!! =)

Caroline booted again this morning - we are trying to figure out why this is - the times that I am able to spend an additional 20 or so minutes burping her after she usually is great, but this morning I gave her the medicine for the thrush shortly after breakfast - won't do that again - and well the results of that were spilled on the kitchen floor and all over her shirt. This medicine is the bane of my existence right now - how the heck can I get 4 doses in around feedings and sleeping when none of the doses can occur within 10 minutes of a feeding and she has about an hour total of awake alert time a day (or at least it seems that way). My poor little monkey does not care for it AT ALL.

I am already having a much more successful day than yesterday already (save the booting incident). She is up, has had breakfast, I have eaten and I am about to shower. =) Look at us go!!!

OH and she slept from about 12:30 until almost 5 am this morning - and then again until 9. =) The whole fam is feeling pretty well rested considering..

Check out the Picasa link for new photos!

"I have thumbs!?"

Little Miss Caroline has discovered her thumbs!!! She rarely can keep her hands out of her mouth - side effect of this is compulsive hand wiping by Mom - and yesterday evening we noticed that she is exclusively sucking her thumb at some points. The sucking becomes particularly instense when she is getting ready for a meal and try as I might to convince her that I have something she will enjoy more than those fingers, she is a tough critic...

Boring Baby Care Stuff
She had an ok night - Slept from about 11:30 to 3:00, up from then until about 5 secondary to some booting, and then solid sleep again until about 8:30. The booting is starting to concern me. While I know that it is normal for her to still be learning how to eat, she is afterall just over a week old, I feel like she is sick after many meals. So my new plan to curtail this is to feed her more often, ie earlier than I typically would so she might not be as famished yet, and burp her every 5 minutes during the feeding. This morning this method has been working thus far - she actually ate for 5 additional minutes this way too. Diaper changes also seem to be particularly stressful for her - so instead of changing midway through I waited until about 20 minutes post feeding when she was calmer and still no sign of booting. I was even able to give her medicine to her with no issue, save a sticky t shirt and neck. She will need to eat again in an hour - so I need to hurry this up so I can eat breakfast too.

I think I typed too soon, a bit of booting breathing happening... false alarm - it is now 3:30, HOURS after I started this post (paused to feed the baby, shower, bathe Caroline...sidenote...without too much detail the bath involved LOTS and LOTS of poop.. OODLES actually and it was my first solo bath!- feed her again, and oh yeah eat lunch) busy busy...

Here are some Valentine's Day photos - squeezeable outfit courtesy of Auntie Kerry and adorable bib care of her Nana.

Steve back to work...

With the go ahead to let her sleep at night with no wake up calls - we did our last feeding at 10 ish and she woke us promptly at 2am to chow- then slept slept slept until about 6:45 when Steve was also getting up to go to work. Sadly this meant that she was eating when he was leaving the house, so his goodbye had to be pretty brief.

I am hoping to hop into the shower for a quick rinse shortly. She'll likely accompany me with either a seat in her Papasan or her Moses basket for comfy viewing.

We miss the Daddy!!!! The house just somehow feels a bit less cozy without Steve here.

I am hoping that I will be able to eat an early lunch, feed her, and get up to Steve's office for a very brief coming out to his coworkers before her NEXT feeding. (NO TOUCHING!) =) I am trying to find reasons and ways to get out of the house each day, to get some fresh air and to ward off any post partum kinds of things from happening. If anything I am deliriously happy and the tears well up when I am thinking about happy things or hearing sweet songs. This is just such a happy happy time and I think it is ok for me to feel a bit overwhelmed at times by this little miracle in our lives.

We are starting to learn more about her likes and dislikes..


Being swaddled
Hands/sleeves/blankets/collars of clothing to suck on
The changing table, but only AFTER the change
The Moses Basket
Her Swing
Papasan Seat


Being naked
Having diaper changed
Not being fed as soon as she decides it is dinner time
The changing table, but only before and during a change

This post took me about an hour to type... we had a change, a burp, medicine for thrush, and a break to reswaddle in the span of that hour... more reason to miss Daddy

Halleluia she's gaining weight!


That might sound like such a simple little thing - duh - babies gain weight - but in Caroline's case it was especially important that she prove her ability to gain because now we don't have to set the alarm to wake her up to eat every 3-4 hours during the night - HUGE!!!!!

She gained 5 oz since Thursday - which the doctor said was "exceptional" (tee hee) and we got the go ahead to sleep sleep sleep. Now I am not naive, the baby will need to eat at some point in the night, but at least it will be less regimented and will no longer involve me having to anger her to get her awake enough to consume a meal. =)

After our appointment we stopped at Panera for lunch with her and she slept quietly the whole time. We were a little nervous about bringing her out into the world so soon, but felt confident that we could prevent onlookers from breathing or worse yet TOUCHING her =) No one bothered us and the lunch crowd hardly noticed that they were in the presence of the such a beautiful little girl...

Today is Steve's last day at home with us. WAH!

I am heading back to my family now to relish these last few precious moments of his paternity leave.

Into weeks...

Here we are one week later... we can no longer measure her age in days and her face is beginning to fill out as she has been putting on weight... she has mastered the skill of eating and yesterday took her first bottle from her Daddy with much success... she gazes up at us and still isn't quite able to focus, but she is (as her Auntie said) trying so hard to connect... those gazes make me feel like she is looking right through me and into my soul and the recognition when she hears my voice and quiets makes me wonder what I did to deserve this perfect creature...our little girl is already growing up on us and I honestly wish I could push pause and just savor the deliciousness of a newborn for a bit longer.

I want to both share her with the world and lock her away at the same time - does that make sense?

Kiki, Poppa, and Auntie Kerry traveled down for a visit this afternoon. They came with an entire dinner which they prepared here for us leaving us with yummy leftovers and no dishes - WONDERFUL!!! They even brought her a funfetti birthday cake to commemorate her first week birthday. YUM!

We have our weight check with the doctor tomorrow afternoon and we are crossing our fingers that she has been packing on the pounds so we won't have to wake her up to eat. Yes, you read right - we have to wake her up to eat. Overnights are a bit more difficult and she often gets up 15 minutes prior to the alarm looking for a meal, but generally we need to do the waking and rousing and even at times the "angering" to coax those gorgeous slate grey blue eyes awake. Angering in case you were wondering entails undressing her, removing her diaper, putting cool water on her face and chest and anything else that will get her angry and pouty and even screaming. It isn't pretty but when you need to feed her you need to feed her...

Here is your daily Caroline fix...

I know I started off my post yesterday in disbelief that it was Friday, but I kinda sorta forgot it was Friday later in the day. The days just seem to blend together these days. So here it is SATURDAY. I can't help but think that this time last week we were so sad that she had not arrived yet and were trying desperately to keep positive. Little did we know that we would end up at the hospital later that evening and have our little one on Sunday...

It is amazing the difference a week makes. We are still fumbling around, trying (and we think succeeding!) to be good parents and take care of her the way she needs to be cared for. There is so much second guessing and confusion about how to do things, and when to do things. Luckily we both have wonderful Moms who are always up for answering our questions and addressing our concerns.

Caroline continues to get cuter by the minute. She loves sucking on her sleeves and will find ways to unbundle just her arm to get that hand up to her face. Ironically, her little "paw" is up by her face in all out ultrasound shots. OH - and that right foot is still sticking out straight all the time too! Unfortunately her preferred method of using her hands at present is to gouge her eye sockets. AHHH!!! I have filed her nails down as much as I can to prevent any damage, but JEEZ!!! She makes adorable little faces and cute little noises which melt your heart.

We are still trying to decide whose this or that she has - but it seems to us that she has Dad's nose, detached ear lobes, tongue (she has a habit of always having it out a bit) and Mom's hair and maybe her eyes. She looks like both of us - but really she is herself - bits of us here and there, but very much her own little person =)

OH and on a personal note - I have discovered a new method to lose at least 20 lbs in a week! It's a marvel of science!!!! Have a baby - seriously I am 7 pounds up from where I started already and I cannot believe it. I credit it to my healthy eating throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding. The most bizarre thing ---- being able to see my feet and thighs again??!!?!?!?

Here are some more photos... From Day 5 and today Day 6 AM.

Is it Friday already???

Little Caroline is still sleeping the morning away as I type this... She was up just about every 2.5 hours last night to chow and only gave us one bout of fussiness to contend with. The Pack N Play saved the day though (Thanks Lisa and Kelly!!!!!!) We just put her in, put on the white noise and she stared into the light attachment until those lids could not stay open another second no matter how hard she fought - and she did =)

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for the fam. After getting her up and getting us and her ready we traveled to the doctor's office for her first pediatrician appointment. He reports that she is a bit jaundiced, but nothing to worry about. He checked her out from head to tiny toe and remarked that she "has beautiful features." (thanks! We think so too!!) She now weighs 6 11.6, up from the 6 10 she left the hospital at. So he feels she is putting her weight back on, but wants to ensure that she is so we have another appointment on Monday for a weight check. By the time we got home from the visit, a stop at Target, and a stop at my doctor to complete paperwork for work it was after 4pm!

Caroline had visitors yesterday too! Nana and Granda came down from MA to visit and brought dinners and pizza, what a godsend! They visited with us and our baby girl for a few hours and we really enjoyed the company. We know we will especially enjoy the yummy meals which will absolutely help in the coming days.

It is hard to imagine that it is Friday already and that Steve will be back at work on Tuesday (wah!), but this time together as a family has been so incredible. He is such a great support, burping her, swaddling her, keeping her occupied when she is starving for Mom to utilize cold compresses and heat packs (tmi? probably - but this is reality!). I know that I will miss his help, but more than anything else I will miss the three of us being a family together like this. It is too special for words...

some shots to brighten your day!

All dressed in pink for her first pediatrician appointment, look at that face, and that HAIR! Such a clean clean baby as she just had a bath, lest the doc think we are terrible parents with a dirty child =)

In the carrier, all set to go and bundled up. Isn't the hat to DIE FOR? About 2 seconds later we learn why bathing baby after lunch is probably not the best idea. An entire ensemble change was necessary. Luckily the bath water was still out to get her cleaned up again because well, it was EVERYWHERE!

Four days old...

Miss Caroline showed us a bit of her diva side last night at ohhh about 3 AM. She was absolutely unconsolable if she was not being held. We both just kind of looked at each other like WHO IS THIS KID? THIS IS NOT OUR CAROLINE!?!? =) The swing did the trick and she spent from about 4 - 7:30 this morning there, though not always swinging (gotta save those D batteries!)

We woke her up at about 7:30 to eat because we have a big day! Caroline's first outing to the pediatrician! Knowing that her appointment is at 1:30 I quickly deduced that if she was going to eat and then eat again before the appointment that I needed to get her up so that I could eat breakfast, shower, feed her again, pack her diaper bag (THANKS KIKI!), bathe her (this is a maybe), eat lunch myself, and get her dressed and into her infant seat. Of course I will have Steve's assistance with all this, but wow, holy to do list to get out of the house=)

She continues to amaze us and take our breath away. I'll post more later, time to go feed the little one...

And suddenly everything is changed...

and though you never thought something could feel so perfect - it does.

She is here!!! I can still barely believe it, even when I look at her and pinch myself and try to remind myself that no this is not a dream... I could not have even imagined what it would be like to have Caroline in our life and now I cannot imagine it without her!
I hesitate to even type this - but she has been such a dream boat. We arrived home yesterday afternoon around 3 pm, she had some late lunch, and we ALL slept for 2 hours. She slept GREAT last night too, waking us only once at about 12 and we had to get her up to eat at 5! In between she is really getting this feeding thing down too!!!
So how did she get here?

A brief timeline of events -

February 3rd

6:30 pm ... call made to Doctor that we were feeling less fetal movement
7:00 pm... arrive at hospital for fetal monitoring, baby sounds great, Mom's blood pressure too high to send home
10:00 pm... admitted to Labor and Delivery for induction

February 4th

3:00 am... Contractions that I had been experiencing every 5 minutes or so begin to increase in strength and punch. I wake Steve and we discuss when to call for pain medication.
5:00 am... Epidural adminstered. Piece of cake! Started to feel all jelly like in my legs and suddenly WHAM my blood pressure drops and I need Oxygen and WOW! The whole time all I kept thinking of was Cash, but Cash was doing fine and hardly reacted at all... phew
5:00 am to 7:30 am... Got as comfy as possible and relaxed
7:30 am... Dr. checks and we are now 2 cm. He breaks my water to check for meconium (none found)
10:30ish am... Nurses say to let them know when I begin to feel a pressure - I am - the Dr. checks me again and I am now unbelievably at 9cm
11:00... Epidural boost to get through the last centimeter and hopefully subside some of the pressure, though I am told it will not make the pressure go away completely (it didn't!)
12:00 - 12:15... Fully dilated, dying to push
12:52... Caroline Demers McManama enters the world

She is perfection. Apgars were 9 and 10. The nurses put her right onto my chest and she was wailing, but when we said hello she quieted and it seemed like she looked directly into my eyes and wow, there just aren't words for it. The whole world just stopped around us.

Steve was and continues to be an unbelievable support. He was with me every step of the way and his encouragement and positive energy never waivered. Even at the end when I didn't think it was possible to not push for another contraction and it seemed like the doctor was never coming back, he held my hand and told me what an amazing job I was doing. Is it possible to love your husband even more now? Yes. A resouding YES. Watching them together is magic. He is such a great Dad already... Us girls are so lucky to have him...
Tears are streaming down my face. Post partum? Hormonal? Yes Yes - I cried at commercials in the hospital and said they were "manipulative" - but really truly I have NEVER been this happy and I think I speak for both Steve and I when I say that we are over the moon with our little girl.

Some more photos...

Cash becomes Caroline!

It's a GIRL!


Born: February 4, 2007 at 12:52 PM
Weight: 7 pounds
Height: 21 inches
Description: Absolutely PERFECT

The new family -- within her first hour alive!

Caroline at 4 hours old

The Grandparents -- way too young to be grandparents!

Caroline, her new aunts and her Kiki

Beautiful Mom and Baby

A very proud dad!

This, unfortunately, is not Kerri or Steve posting, but rather the proud aunt Colleen who volunteered her services of updating the blog while the new family is resting up in the hospital until Tuesday morning! Mom, Caroline and Dad are all healthy and happy! The pediatrician described her this morning as "perfect" and I couldn't agree more! (And yes, I am biased!) I'm SURE Kerri and Steve will be posting more as soon as they can! But enjoy these quick glimpses into their new life with their beautiful new baby Caroline!

One week over...

I could write about...

how the full moon didn't work
the nausea I felt last night - nausea for a reason or from being sick of waiting?
how much I enjoyed March of the Penguins
listening to Conan for the first time in over a year as I desperately tried to fall asleep
my horribe breakdown at 5:30 this morning (will this kid EVER come?)
my supportive husband comforting me back to sleep until 9:30

I could write about all those things - but I won't...

What's the over under on us sitting here alone on Sunday watching the Super Bowl? I would say the odds are pretty high.


After the rollar coaster that was yesterday we relaxed last night in hopes that things will start up on their own. I took a nap as soon as we got home because I was emotionally wiped... to move from probable induction to see you Monday was just too much for this mommy to be. Steve worked from home the rest of the afternoon and we had an early dinner down in the center of town. I was ravenous - which is quite a departure from my usual meal time m.o. because I can generally eat about half my meal before I am at full capacity and still starving. Somehow I outate Steve in wings and then polished off the entire meal??!?!

We relaxed last night, hit the hay early because it had been a very long day and I took a catnap this morning when Steve left.

I continue to feel the tightening of the contractions and Cash has been kicking here and there, but I am still missing some of the major signs of labor. I am about to go shower and then walk for a bit before meeting Steve near his office for lunch.

There is a full moon tonight and snow on the way - I want to feel encouraged, but as I type that I realize that I am now entrusting the onset of labor to the moon and weather?
So. Nothing to report.

False alarm...

No induction today - baby handled the second non-stress test fine - experiencing more contractions - but not painful - Next appt is Monday


Some news...

Had our appointments this morning. The highlights are going to have to do for today because I need to relax, count movements, eat lunch, and go back to the office.

First the great news...
... Ultrasound reveals that Cash is as cute as ever and fully developed with adorable full cheeks, a cute profile, and a completed 4 chambered heart =)

and then the other news - not bad not good - more like indifferent or to be determined at this point?
... Non-stress test allowed us to witness our first contraction, which wasn't painful, just the same tightening that I have been feeling, butwas apparently an honest to goodness contraction - the graph was pretty intense
... There is some concern on our part and the dr's that the baby is not moving as much. So they sent us home to count movements (wiggles, squirms, kicks) have lunch and then come back
... Steve will be working from home until our appointment later today
... At the afternoon visit they will determine what to do next -
------if there is still concern that baby is not moving as much they will most likely induce me this afternoon
------ if Cash suddenly comes alive and starts kicking like crazy then we will make another plan
... No real change with regard to effacement or dilation to report

We'll of course make an announcement once we reach a decision with the doctor on the next step