Some news...

Had our appointments this morning. The highlights are going to have to do for today because I need to relax, count movements, eat lunch, and go back to the office.

First the great news...
... Ultrasound reveals that Cash is as cute as ever and fully developed with adorable full cheeks, a cute profile, and a completed 4 chambered heart =)

and then the other news - not bad not good - more like indifferent or to be determined at this point?
... Non-stress test allowed us to witness our first contraction, which wasn't painful, just the same tightening that I have been feeling, butwas apparently an honest to goodness contraction - the graph was pretty intense
... There is some concern on our part and the dr's that the baby is not moving as much. So they sent us home to count movements (wiggles, squirms, kicks) have lunch and then come back
... Steve will be working from home until our appointment later today
... At the afternoon visit they will determine what to do next -
------if there is still concern that baby is not moving as much they will most likely induce me this afternoon
------ if Cash suddenly comes alive and starts kicking like crazy then we will make another plan
... No real change with regard to effacement or dilation to report

We'll of course make an announcement once we reach a decision with the doctor on the next step

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  1. Holy cow! What a stressful day!

    Glad to hear that the Cashew is back to kicking your ribs. Maybe you should tell him/her that he/she will have a lot more room for kicking and squirming out here!!!