After the rollar coaster that was yesterday we relaxed last night in hopes that things will start up on their own. I took a nap as soon as we got home because I was emotionally wiped... to move from probable induction to see you Monday was just too much for this mommy to be. Steve worked from home the rest of the afternoon and we had an early dinner down in the center of town. I was ravenous - which is quite a departure from my usual meal time m.o. because I can generally eat about half my meal before I am at full capacity and still starving. Somehow I outate Steve in wings and then polished off the entire meal??!?!

We relaxed last night, hit the hay early because it had been a very long day and I took a catnap this morning when Steve left.

I continue to feel the tightening of the contractions and Cash has been kicking here and there, but I am still missing some of the major signs of labor. I am about to go shower and then walk for a bit before meeting Steve near his office for lunch.

There is a full moon tonight and snow on the way - I want to feel encouraged, but as I type that I realize that I am now entrusting the onset of labor to the moon and weather?
So. Nothing to report.


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