And suddenly everything is changed...

and though you never thought something could feel so perfect - it does.

She is here!!! I can still barely believe it, even when I look at her and pinch myself and try to remind myself that no this is not a dream... I could not have even imagined what it would be like to have Caroline in our life and now I cannot imagine it without her!
I hesitate to even type this - but she has been such a dream boat. We arrived home yesterday afternoon around 3 pm, she had some late lunch, and we ALL slept for 2 hours. She slept GREAT last night too, waking us only once at about 12 and we had to get her up to eat at 5! In between she is really getting this feeding thing down too!!!
So how did she get here?

A brief timeline of events -

February 3rd

6:30 pm ... call made to Doctor that we were feeling less fetal movement
7:00 pm... arrive at hospital for fetal monitoring, baby sounds great, Mom's blood pressure too high to send home
10:00 pm... admitted to Labor and Delivery for induction

February 4th

3:00 am... Contractions that I had been experiencing every 5 minutes or so begin to increase in strength and punch. I wake Steve and we discuss when to call for pain medication.
5:00 am... Epidural adminstered. Piece of cake! Started to feel all jelly like in my legs and suddenly WHAM my blood pressure drops and I need Oxygen and WOW! The whole time all I kept thinking of was Cash, but Cash was doing fine and hardly reacted at all... phew
5:00 am to 7:30 am... Got as comfy as possible and relaxed
7:30 am... Dr. checks and we are now 2 cm. He breaks my water to check for meconium (none found)
10:30ish am... Nurses say to let them know when I begin to feel a pressure - I am - the Dr. checks me again and I am now unbelievably at 9cm
11:00... Epidural boost to get through the last centimeter and hopefully subside some of the pressure, though I am told it will not make the pressure go away completely (it didn't!)
12:00 - 12:15... Fully dilated, dying to push
12:52... Caroline Demers McManama enters the world

She is perfection. Apgars were 9 and 10. The nurses put her right onto my chest and she was wailing, but when we said hello she quieted and it seemed like she looked directly into my eyes and wow, there just aren't words for it. The whole world just stopped around us.

Steve was and continues to be an unbelievable support. He was with me every step of the way and his encouragement and positive energy never waivered. Even at the end when I didn't think it was possible to not push for another contraction and it seemed like the doctor was never coming back, he held my hand and told me what an amazing job I was doing. Is it possible to love your husband even more now? Yes. A resouding YES. Watching them together is magic. He is such a great Dad already... Us girls are so lucky to have him...
Tears are streaming down my face. Post partum? Hormonal? Yes Yes - I cried at commercials in the hospital and said they were "manipulative" - but really truly I have NEVER been this happy and I think I speak for both Steve and I when I say that we are over the moon with our little girl.

Some more photos...

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  1. Hey! Baby is BEAUTIFUL and you look great. Was checking flight times on the good ol' Blackberry while in Vallarta and got the good news sitting by the pool Toasted a congratulations with water (no more tequila, PLEASE!).