It is so cold outside! The wind sounds so fierceand it rattles the windows! Though us girls wouldn't really know considering we haven't ventured out of doors yet since Tuesday. That may all change in an hour or so as I want to get out and pick up a couple things downtown. We'll bundle up and see what happens!

Please note that you can now access the Picasa Gallery of Caroline via the photo in the upper left hand corner. Handy huh?? This will also save Mom lots of time because I won't have to post photos in both places - Look at that! Found time!!! =)

Caroline booted again this morning - we are trying to figure out why this is - the times that I am able to spend an additional 20 or so minutes burping her after she usually is great, but this morning I gave her the medicine for the thrush shortly after breakfast - won't do that again - and well the results of that were spilled on the kitchen floor and all over her shirt. This medicine is the bane of my existence right now - how the heck can I get 4 doses in around feedings and sleeping when none of the doses can occur within 10 minutes of a feeding and she has about an hour total of awake alert time a day (or at least it seems that way). My poor little monkey does not care for it AT ALL.

I am already having a much more successful day than yesterday already (save the booting incident). She is up, has had breakfast, I have eaten and I am about to shower. =) Look at us go!!!

OH and she slept from about 12:30 until almost 5 am this morning - and then again until 9. =) The whole fam is feeling pretty well rested considering..

Check out the Picasa link for new photos!


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