Chubby cheeks...

Yesterday was Caroline 2 week visit to the pediatrician. We aren't exactly sure what is happening with the pediatrician because we have yet to meet with the doctor we originally met way back when we were selecting a doctor. That being said, we really like her doctor! He is a really nice person, very laid back, always compliments her "nice features" and tells us she could be in baby ads (does he say this to everyone?), and asks the smart questions about the parents that he should be asking. He asked us what we did for work, what my plans were about returning to work, how close our family and friends are, and even how my mood is. He may be Caroline's doctor, but he always asks questions of us to check in on how we are acclimating to her and then compliments us on our maturity (!!!) and the "excellent" job we are doing with our little girl. Even if he doesn't mean it - even if he is just saying it to keep our spirits up and self doubt away - we always leave the doctor feeling like super parents =) and coincidentally he gets a whole person perspective on her life - her medical stuff is one thing, but he now knows what kind of life she has at home - when dad gets home - that we are pretty much on our own down here with constant support of our families just from a distance - and that I am feeling happy and if anything post partum is happening it is that I am just so happy all the time - though a little isolated during the days...

So how was the visit?

She is 7 lbs 11 oz!!! and she grew 1/4 of an inch. That puts her in the 25th percentile for weight, the 75th for height, and her head measured at 50th percentile. Her thrush is starting to clear up and the Doctor said she is doing excellent! She had her first of three Hep B vaccines too. THAT was tough. They stuck her right in the thigh with a pretty big needle and I wish I had the video camera - she was silent with the most pained look on her face and then she SCREAMED bloody murder until I picked her up and she was instantly silent. Now if there is ever a moment that makes you realize you are a parent this has to be it - she was so distressed and yet just having me pick her up was enough to make her calm as could be. It felt great to be such a source of comfort to her. =)

Nana visits!

My mother was down yesterday for the day to visit with Caroline and to help me get her to her appointment. Marybeth also traveled down for the morning to meet her, which was so nice of her! After the appointment we went to lunch with Steve and then the girls hit the supermarket for dinner. Nana got to spend some great quality time with an more alert by the day baby Caroline.

Today's agenda

I am about to go feed her, I am already showered and dressed!, then we are doing some laundry, having lunch (both of us), and then hopefully heading out to the store to pick up a couple things and just get out of the house. She is still sleeping the morning away right now - I am hoping to wake her up enough to get her some tummy time later.

Notes on Caroline


Her little personality is starting to develop and we are beginning to see little reoccuring behaviors. She does this thing when you burp her where she reaches her left (!) arm out like she is reaching for something or someone. Her forehead is incredibly expressive with its little wrinkles and she raises her eyebrows ALL the time. Caroline is still crying when we change her diaper, but now there are TEARS, which make me want to cry. When she wakes up to eat she fusses a bit and then when she gets onto my lap she becomes SUPER CUTE GIRL - making adorable faces (and ok foaming at the mouth a bit too!) that make you want to feed her immediately. Since she lost her belly button we have the go ahead for a real bath - hopefully to be done later with Steve because that might be too much for me to do on my own for the first time? Caroline is also getting more touchy feely and will reach up and grab your hair, your shirt, your nose, your mouth, etc. She has no idea what she is touching, but she is trying so hard to connect through touch. The best though - the absolute best - is that she is looking at us. These are still generally quick glances, but there are times that she holds our gaze and it is those moments that absolutely melt us. I loved watching her look right at Steve last night - with recognition and interest - and he loved looking right back...

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  1. Sad!!! No mention of a visit from Caroline's favorite Aunt and Greg?! How rude! -Stephanie Tanner style. ha, only joking!! the pictures are more than enough!