Green Poo??

Oh the joys of motherhood -

I wrote a bit back that our precious girl has thrush in her mouth - a very common yeast infection easily treated with antibiotics or as I recently learned - dish soap - who knew!?!?!

On Sunday night she was inconsolable after her 8pm ish feeding (please note the exact timing when working with a newborn, everything is ISH) and after 4 hours of rocking, shhing, swinging, and pacificying she finally slept. We even took her temp and must have changed her dipe about 80 times. Clearly something was not right with our little angel who turned into fussy baby literally overnight. I kept reassuring Steve that THIS was in fact what most new parents cope with and that if nothing else it should make us all the more grateful for the chreub we have been gifted.

We deduced that as her thrush was still looking quite present on her poor little tongue that I should phone the pediatrician anyway for follow-up. The only additional change we could note that might explain the shift from the good side to the dark side is what I will only describe here as icky poo. Let's just leave it at icky...

Her belly has been rumbling, she has been very gassy and oh yeah the poo has a green tinge to it - lovely.

SO - off we went to the pediatrician yesterday. The most comedic moment of the visit was standing in the waiting room wondering if we should sit on the well or the sick side of the wall. We sat in sick in case you were wondering. The doc told us the good news first - the thrush was not as bad as I thought it was, in fact it was almost gone, and she directed a new application method which has already in just two applications shown improvement. SIDEBAR - Thanks to Jen for the thrush remedy recipe - I am planning on mixing up a batch Mr. Wizard style and getting her mouth all clean through the powers of Joy dishwashing soap, water, and a bit of baking soda =) We will alter that ph yet!!!

The bad news is that the green poo indicates that I drowning our poor daughter at feedings, who knew!?!? She weighed 8lbs 7 oz with her clothes so she is clearly gaining, but according to the doc she is only getting the first milk and not the second (google it - there are two kinds of milk)and this is giving her the green poo and contibuting to her overall fussiness as she is gassy and burpy as a result of the feeding. SO we have some things to try - but hopefully her and I can figure out the feeding thing and get her back on the road of perfect angel in no time.

I am confident that I will get excellent information and support at the Mom's group today as well, which coincidentally occurs in the office that the pediatrician suggested I call for support.

Caroline is also gearing up for her FIRST ROAD TRIP this weekend to MA for her "coming out party" at Kiki and Poppa's house. The only way to calm her during diaper changes is to talk to her continuously - I could sing - but I fear that would result in MORE crying and I hate those crocodile tears of hers! So I tell her about all the wonderful people that are coming to meet her - and how much fun it will be. I am trying to not be too overwhelmed with the traveling aspect and being out of our element for a couple days - though I had already begun scheming ways to pack the swing - don't worry I have come to the realization that infant seat makes an excellent substitute swing in a pinch. If only it could swing itself????


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