Halleluia she's gaining weight!


That might sound like such a simple little thing - duh - babies gain weight - but in Caroline's case it was especially important that she prove her ability to gain because now we don't have to set the alarm to wake her up to eat every 3-4 hours during the night - HUGE!!!!!

She gained 5 oz since Thursday - which the doctor said was "exceptional" (tee hee) and we got the go ahead to sleep sleep sleep. Now I am not naive, the baby will need to eat at some point in the night, but at least it will be less regimented and will no longer involve me having to anger her to get her awake enough to consume a meal. =)

After our appointment we stopped at Panera for lunch with her and she slept quietly the whole time. We were a little nervous about bringing her out into the world so soon, but felt confident that we could prevent onlookers from breathing or worse yet TOUCHING her =) No one bothered us and the lunch crowd hardly noticed that they were in the presence of the such a beautiful little girl...

Today is Steve's last day at home with us. WAH!

I am heading back to my family now to relish these last few precious moments of his paternity leave.


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