"I have thumbs!?"

Little Miss Caroline has discovered her thumbs!!! She rarely can keep her hands out of her mouth - side effect of this is compulsive hand wiping by Mom - and yesterday evening we noticed that she is exclusively sucking her thumb at some points. The sucking becomes particularly instense when she is getting ready for a meal and try as I might to convince her that I have something she will enjoy more than those fingers, she is a tough critic...

Boring Baby Care Stuff
She had an ok night - Slept from about 11:30 to 3:00, up from then until about 5 secondary to some booting, and then solid sleep again until about 8:30. The booting is starting to concern me. While I know that it is normal for her to still be learning how to eat, she is afterall just over a week old, I feel like she is sick after many meals. So my new plan to curtail this is to feed her more often, ie earlier than I typically would so she might not be as famished yet, and burp her every 5 minutes during the feeding. This morning this method has been working thus far - she actually ate for 5 additional minutes this way too. Diaper changes also seem to be particularly stressful for her - so instead of changing midway through I waited until about 20 minutes post feeding when she was calmer and still no sign of booting. I was even able to give her medicine to her with no issue, save a sticky t shirt and neck. She will need to eat again in an hour - so I need to hurry this up so I can eat breakfast too.

I think I typed too soon, a bit of booting breathing happening... false alarm - it is now 3:30, HOURS after I started this post (paused to feed the baby, shower, bathe Caroline...sidenote...without too much detail the bath involved LOTS and LOTS of poop.. OODLES actually and it was my first solo bath!- feed her again, and oh yeah eat lunch) busy busy...

Here are some Valentine's Day photos - squeezeable outfit courtesy of Auntie Kerry and adorable bib care of her Nana.


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