Is it Friday already???

Little Caroline is still sleeping the morning away as I type this... She was up just about every 2.5 hours last night to chow and only gave us one bout of fussiness to contend with. The Pack N Play saved the day though (Thanks Lisa and Kelly!!!!!!) We just put her in, put on the white noise and she stared into the light attachment until those lids could not stay open another second no matter how hard she fought - and she did =)

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for the fam. After getting her up and getting us and her ready we traveled to the doctor's office for her first pediatrician appointment. He reports that she is a bit jaundiced, but nothing to worry about. He checked her out from head to tiny toe and remarked that she "has beautiful features." (thanks! We think so too!!) She now weighs 6 11.6, up from the 6 10 she left the hospital at. So he feels she is putting her weight back on, but wants to ensure that she is so we have another appointment on Monday for a weight check. By the time we got home from the visit, a stop at Target, and a stop at my doctor to complete paperwork for work it was after 4pm!

Caroline had visitors yesterday too! Nana and Granda came down from MA to visit and brought dinners and pizza, what a godsend! They visited with us and our baby girl for a few hours and we really enjoyed the company. We know we will especially enjoy the yummy meals which will absolutely help in the coming days.

It is hard to imagine that it is Friday already and that Steve will be back at work on Tuesday (wah!), but this time together as a family has been so incredible. He is such a great support, burping her, swaddling her, keeping her occupied when she is starving for Mom to utilize cold compresses and heat packs (tmi? probably - but this is reality!). I know that I will miss his help, but more than anything else I will miss the three of us being a family together like this. It is too special for words...

some shots to brighten your day!

All dressed in pink for her first pediatrician appointment, look at that face, and that HAIR! Such a clean clean baby as she just had a bath, lest the doc think we are terrible parents with a dirty child =)

In the carrier, all set to go and bundled up. Isn't the hat to DIE FOR? About 2 seconds later we learn why bathing baby after lunch is probably not the best idea. An entire ensemble change was necessary. Luckily the bath water was still out to get her cleaned up again because well, it was EVERYWHERE!


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