I know I know... I have been a total slacker and this site has not been updated in quite some time. While there is absolutely NO way I can possibly post a daily update as I had been doing - I should be able to do at least two a week. So that is my plan for now - we'll see how it goes. =)

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Lest you think I have been lounging around on the sofa eating bon bons and ignoring the blog, here is a quick little run down of all the goings on since I last posted. Settle in - this post is going to be wordy and incredibly L-O-N-G

Wednesday - we attended a mom's group in Stratford with Jen and Caroline's new friend Ryan. Thanks for the invite Jen - not only was it exciting to get out of the house with her and spend time with other moms - but it was great to finally meet your little one (he's ADORABLE everyone! so smiley and happy!) and spend some time with you!

Thursday - Ashley came over in the afternoon once her classes were over and she spent some time with Caroline. It was so great to see her and since she is only 5 minutes up the road (literally - it took her 5 minutes to get here!) we hope to see much much more of her!!

Friday - Kiki and Poppa came down from MA. Steve and I utilized their help to go to dinner sans baby and even caught a movie (Borat - hysterical - we loved it!). While it was STRANGE to be without her - even for a few hours - we are both so glad to have had that time. We split a pitcher of BEER (whoopie!!!) at dinner - a truly extraordinary experience. Though much of our conversation still consisted of Caroline related items - and we may or may not be guilty of looking at photos of her on our cell phones pre movie wait time - it was nice to be just us for those couple hours. Kiki and Poppa did a bang up job and are definitely hired for future babysitting =)

Saturday - Kiki and Poppa had stayed local overnight - the three hour ride would be a bit much don't you think - so we got to spend some extra time with them in the morning. Kiki gave Caroline a bath in her tub and SHE LOVED IT. Someone please explain to me how it is that the last bath she had on Thursday with me was an absolute nightmare complete with poopy bathwater - eww gross is right - yet she was as calm as can be for her Kiki --- Kiki has the touch man - how do I get this touch????? Tasha and Tony arrived from PA around noontime to visit with Caroline. Kiki and Poppa prepared some lunch for everyone - how incredibly generous and WONDERFUL of them. We spent the afternoon catching up with Tasha and Tony - watching college basketball of course. It was so nice to see them and so wonderful of them to drive all the way up for an afternoon...

Sunday - that's today right? Well - we had an eventful Saturday into Sunday as we woke her up for her last feeding at 11:15 and then moved her from our room where she has been sleeping in a FANTABULOUS bassinet which has ROCKED OUR WORLD (seriously - everyone needs to get this pack n play with bassinet and changer attached - it was so convenient and utterly brilliant- THANKS AGAIN TO LISA AND KELLY!!!!) into her own room and crib.

Here is how it went down --- We had been toying with the idea of moving her since mid week. She is only getting up once in the middle of the night and then again early in the morning usually around when Steve is going to be waking up. We decided to wait until Saturday night when we would have all Sunday to rest in case it wasn't an easy night/transition. On Saturday night I fed her and burped her and then after DAYS of discussing how we really should move her I didn't want her to go. There was this moment of hesitation (JUST A MOMENT!) on my part, BUT we did it!!!

We put her down in her crib and ran back to our room where we sat glued to the video monitor for about 10 minutes (hysterical!), watching her kick her little legs and fuss a bit. We took turns for about 30 minutes comforting her and then she was out... She was REALLY REALLY OUT! We woke up at 4:45 - nearly 6 hours after her last meal and she was STILL asleep. We woke her up to feed her because well- we didn't know what to do - she had never slept THAT long before. In the future we aren't going to wake her - but WOW! 6 hours!!!! Who knows how long she would have slept for????? She went right back to sleep and was down until 9!!!!

The eventful day does not stop there folks - oh NO! - After lunch we dressed her up in some layers - got out the fantastic stroller and went strolling! Where did we stroll you ask?? STARBUCKS of course for some coffee and cocoa. How did it go? She slept the whole time - the WHOLE time. From the moment we put her in the stroller until the moment we took her out. So what if she booted on herself when we took her out - the key is that she DIDN'T boot during her stroll... It was really nice to get out like that as a family, but you should have seen us carrying the stoller UP the stairs at Starbucks so we could sit down and drink our outrageously overpriced but delish hot bevs. Yeah - that was interesting, but we were not going to be deterred from enjoying our little afternoon...

As I type this - Caroline is fast asleep in her crib - where she has been since we got home around 2pm. We continue to fall more and more in love with her each and every minute of each passing day (if that's possible?). She is beginning to develop an incredible little personality and her little face and pretty still blue eyes are becoming more and more expressive. Speaking of eyes, there is eye contact - real eye contact all the time - and we have seen more and more smiles - though they are still completely coincidental. She holds your hand or the bottle while she eats and she can hold her own pacifier in her mouth. She'll even put it back in if it slips out. Caroline has been showing excellent head control too! We have to almost force her to put her head on our shoulder when we burp her as she a bit of a head butter and in photos she seems to almost always be looking up at us. She didn't need her infant seat for her stroll because of her excellent head control, though we will definitely use it when we need the stroller after a car ride so we don't have to move the sleeper. Caroline is in a word wonderful. We can't wait for people to meet her next week at her big coming out party!

She is three weeks old today - three weeks - in some ways it feels like she just arrived and in others it feels like we have known her for much MUCH longer. Happy 3 week birthday little one...


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